You Can Print a Design On Your Shirt In Various Ways

T-Shirt Printing is an Art

No one can say no to a shirt that has a great design. The most impactful designs are often the simplest. Customized t shirts did not only grow in Singapore as a trend. It has become a fashion statement all over the world, too.

There are different purposes to why t-shirt printing is growing in demand and popularity. Many businesses print their logos and designs on shirts for promotional purposes. It lets them casually communicate their message. Since people can wear it anytime and anywhere, customized shirts help companies create brand awareness and draw attention.

Many people design and print their shirts for their purposes. Sometimes families get matching printed shirts for their themed photoshoots or at family reunions. Others design shirts for fun and because they want a piece of clothing unique to their own.

Nowadays, many shops do custom t shirt printing all over Singapore that offer it at an affordable price. It is also a great gift idea since it can give you and the receiver the greatest return on investment. Plus, it is also stylish.

Types of T-shirt Printing

If you are looking for cheap customised gifts for your loved ones, Singapore is full of shops that print designs on various items like t-shirts and mugs. You can print your shirt designs in a few different ways. Before you create your t-shirt, it is beneficial to learn the five methods of printing a shirt. It will help you determine which method will work best for the design you have in mind.

Here are the five ways you can print your shirts.

1. Screen Printing

Also known as silk screen printing, the screen printing method is the most commonly used way to print shirts. If you’re doing it at home as a hobby, you only need a nylon mesh and a stencil to do it. Screen printing is ideal for printing high-quality t-shirt designs.

This method guarantees the ultimate replication of your design. It also gives the shirt a unique, cute and impressive look. Most companies do screen printing for mass production of their designs. However, it is not suitable for super complex designs. You can only use one colour per screen.

2. Direct To Garments (DTG)

Like screen printing, this method is one of the most popular ways amongst hobbyists. It is easy to pull off, but it requires knowledge and skills. All you need is a textile printer and ink to do this method.

This method is excellent for printing super-complex designs. The final design has a soft feel on the hands when touched. DTG works like you are printing on paper. However, in this case, the ink goes directly on the fabric of the t-shirt. You would need to upload your design to the computer which creates its unique and creative feel. The only downside is that you cannot use it in dark fabrics and that there’s a possibility of ending with a low-resolution print depending on the printer you used. It is also the least durable of the printing methods.

3. Dye Sublimation

This method works well with light shirts and fabrics. The cost is mostly on the production of the dye-sub. But, in the end, you will end with a professionally done shirt.

You need to have a deep knowledge of dye sublimation to bring out the best results with this method. Polyester-like cream fabrics are perfect for dye sublimation. It is unforgiving to cotton fabrics. You would need a special liquid dye that dries when it meets the polyester fabric. It solidifies on the fabric if it dries well. Heat and pressure are applied for sublimation to take place. Custom shirts made through sublimation are durable and cute.

4. Heat Press Printing

Heat press printing is economical for producing small amounts because it saves resources and time. It is similar to die sublimation in approach. You heat the dye on the transfer paper until it softens and sticks on the fabric.

The heat and press method is ideal for working with super complex designs. However, the translucent dye does not work well with dark fabrics. Customized shirts that have heat pressed designs are durable. Most customized t shirts you see around Singapore have heat pressed prints since they don’t unravel easily.

5. Vinyl Cutting

Special soft clothing used in this method is cut into shapes and designs. This method also uses a heat press to transfer the design onto the shirt. You can print one-off designs and print them in large numbers using this method.

Vinyl cutting is an alternative if you have to print on multiple garment types. It gives you the option of using different layers to print different colours. The only downside is that you cannot use this method to print letter types. Designs printed with vinyl cutting are durable.



There are only a few things that you have to keep in mind when you get your t-shirts printed. Make sure that you have locked down on a specific design and decided on an appropriate size. If you’re planning to put a quote, there should be some degree of typography involved. Another important thing to remember is the colours you are going to use, not only for the design but also the colour of the shirt you’re printing on.

You also have to look around to find the right shop to hire. You would want to get the best quality product for your money’s worth. Art Serve specialises in providing high-quality personalised gifts for personal or business needs. They offer printing services on various items like mugs, bags and clothing. They are also one of the few that makes a customised keychain for their Singapore customers.

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