Do Not Miss These Outdoor Activities When You Are In Alpharetta, GA

Alpharetta is just a short drive to the north of Atlanta. There is no better time to visit Alpharetta than now. From 750 acres of green spaces and parks to a bustling downtown with hundreds of restaurants and recreational activities, there is something for everyone. The best thing about this place is its versatility. 

When you walk on the streets, you will find families comfortably exploring the town, as well as couples having a romantic getaway. Hotels are many in number and high in quality. Alpharetta GA real estate professionals, The Kroupa Team report that people are drawn to Alpharetta not just for its lively community but also for its outdoor activities. 

Fun outdoor activities to do in Alpharetta, GA

Alpha loop

The Alpha Loop is more than just a walking/biking trail in Alpharetta, Georgia. It connects key areas, including  Avalon, Downtown, the North Point Eco District, and Northwinds, and offers a sense of community. It features a 12 feet wide path where you can go biking, walking, and exploring nature with your friends. 

Big Creek Freeride

The Big Creek Freeride is an awesome bike park made for experienced and advanced riders. It has a paved pathway, two pump tracks, and singletrack mountain biking trails.

You can find multiple gap jump lines on the hilltop where you can show off your skills. These jumps and downhill sections get progressively more challenging. The trials are hidden in a pine forest, which gives you a less crowded feel. 

Wander Wills Park And Arboretum

Big Wills Park has lots of fun activities to do outside. If you want to walk around or play games, it is a great place to go. You can hit a ball, play catch, or climb on things. 

There is also a swimming pool to splash in and a dog park for your furry friend. Wills Park is a great place to spend a day with your family.

Climb and chill at Allenbrook

Allenbrook is a perfect destination to chill and spend some quality time with your friends and loved ones. It is a calm area, free of Atlanta’s street sounds, with a bunch of tulip poplar trees. 

The stairs will take you to a beautiful 50-foot sandstone rock with a view of Vickery Creek. The stones, rocks, and shallow water offer a fantastic spot for a mini adventure. 

Alpharetta Arts Walking Tour

Featuring about 20 sculptures, the Alpharetta Arts Walking Tour offers cultural experiences and various fun outdoor activities. You can see cool sculptures and public art while enjoying a walk outdoors. There is even a handy map to guide you.

Spend the day at Avalon

If you are looking to spend the entire day doing one place at one place, then Avalon is your go-to option. There are a variety of activities you can enjoy, such as watching movies at the movie theatre, spending time in the green spaces, exploring the wide range of shops, and, when hunger strikes, dining in at a restaurant. 

Alpharetta Food Truck Alley

While the name suggests that it is an alley, it is actually a festival. Alpharetta Food Truck Alley event allows you to kick off the weekend a bit early. There are more than ten food trucks, and there is something to satisfy every palate. 

It is a family-friendly experience; however, there are limited seats. Therefore, it is recommended that you bring your own blankets and chairs for a better experience. There is also live music, completing the festive atmosphere. 

Alpharetta Farmer’s Market

If you are a food enthusiast looking for a family-friendly activity, you would love exploring Alpharetta’s farmer’s market. You can support local farmers by buying their homegrown unique products. You can find flowers, baked goods, fresh produce, and handmade items.

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