SecuGen Hamster IV Fingerprint Readers

Fingerprints are our built-in, unique and merely accessible identity cards. Recently, using technology to make use of this property inside our fingers is becoming common. Nowadays, fingerprint scanners is viewed everywhere, from high-security structures to laptops. SecuGen Hamster IV is most likely the fingerprint studying devices available.

SecuGen features a versatile type of fingerprint readers. The Hamster IV could be a PIV Single Finger Capture Device certified using the FBI.


The machine utilizes SEIR (Surface Enhanced Irregular Reflection) Optic Technology, patented with the organization. SEIR increases contrast relating to the finger’s valleys and ridges by stopping light to mirror inside the valley areas and recording a lot of the sunshine scattered/reflected using the ridge areas. This improves the studying/identification speed and reduces the opportunity of incorrect rejection furthermore to studying failure.


Auto-On? is the one other feature within the Hamster IV. Employing this feature with compatible software, eliminates the advantages of prompting the unit to consider a finger scan. Each time a finger touches the sensor, the machine will activate itself and scan.

Smart Capture?

Some kinds of fingers are viewed harder to scan than the others. Incorporated in this particular are, but aren’t restricted to, fingers with damaged, aged or wet skin. The Smart Capture? feature within the fingerprint scanner should provide top quality scans of difficult fingers.


– Sports ths following standards: FIPS 201/PIV/NIST, SP 800-76/PIV/NIST.


– GSA FIPS 201 APL certified.

– The very best performance optical sensor within the method is resistant against electrostatic shock, impact and scratches and doesn’t require any maintenance.

– Has a application for recording and saving fingerprint images in bmp format.

– A USB connection might be acquired.

– The motive pressure CD along with a finger guide are supplied while using the device.

The SecuGen Hamster IV may be used with software supplied by others. With SecuGen’s Software, users can purchase the following advantages: file file file encryption of fingerprint templates, to get rid of the opportunity of image renovation latent print image deletion, to reject prints which are overlooked Fingerprint Readers Recognition and Multi-Device Connection.


The Hamster IV captures 12.9 x 16.8 mm images through getting an resolution of 500 dots per inch. The output capacity is 8 bits/pixel, 256 gray-levels. The machine takes one second to make certain. Supported platforms include Home home home windows 98 SE, Me, Vista, XP, 2000 and Server 2003.

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