How to Maximize the Cooling Effects of Your Face Mask

Your face mask is there not just to give you a rejuvenated skin. If you’ve ever used one, you are aware of its cooling effects, which make it a great addition to your skincare especially during summer. Cooling might not be its main purpose, but you can still take advantage of it if you do the following:

Let Your Skin Absorb the Essence Completely

Though face masks for women are not that expensive, this doesn’t mean you should just waste the product after wearing it for ten minutes. The packaging may say you can wear it for about 15-20 minutes, but to truly maximize its benefits, let it stay on until the sheet has completely dried up and your skin has absorbed everything. This helps you maximize the cooling effects of the mask on top of the other benefits it has for your skin.

Use After Your Toner

Skin toners are also known for their cooling effect on the skin. In fact, when you are outside in an extremely warm environment, or you have sunburn and have no immediate ointment for it, toners can be a great alternative. It should be part of your regular skincare routine, so don’t skip it even on days when you’re wearing a face mask. Ideally, you’ll tone your skin, then apply the face mask. Let it sit for as long as you can, and finish off with a moisturizer. This will be more beneficial than just using a face mask and nothing else.

Apply Before Bedtime

When the weather is warm and humid, bedtime is the worst. Even if you have an air-conditioner, that sticky feeling stays with you when it’s too hot outside. Make sure your skincare is the last thing you do before bed so that you are removing your face mask shortly before going to sleep, leaving you with that cool feeling to welcome your dreams. Others also choose to wear a fruity face mask and fall asleep with it still on their face. This is not a bad thing at all, plus your skin also absorbs all the nutrients from the mask as you sleep. Just make sure you smoothen the mask onto your skin as much as possible so that you don’t wake up with crease marks on your face.

Add Variety to Your Routine


You may have a face mask that you already love. Once you’ve gotten used to it, however, the expected cooling effect may not be that pronounced anymore. A fun way to feel refreshed from your face mask is to rotate your options. Wear an orange-infused mask today, then a cucumber-infused mask tomorrow. A snail mask with its skin tightening effect can also be part of the rotation. Surprise yourself with all these options so that every day, you have something new to look forward to.

Your skin needs more attention when the weather is warm and humid. For these days, maximize your use of skincare products such as sheet masks to get your skin looking and feeling cool.

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