Why The Warm-up Is Just As Important As Exercise

If you are thinking about starting up a new exercise routine because you want to lose a little bit of weight and get yourself into shape, then there is something that you should know and understand and it is that the warm-up is just as important as the exercise itself. It’s true that you might be very keen to get out there and to get started as soon as possible, but you really do need to take at least 10 to 15 minutes warming up your body so that you don’t experience any injuries. Many people see the warm-up as a waste of time because it’s probably not burning very many calories and so this is an activity that doesn’t seem to be helping and so they refuse to do it. If you don’t warm up properly then it’s likely that you’re going to suffer an injury that is going to put you back weeks when it comes to getting to your new fitness goals.

If you continue to not follow this advice then it’s quite likely that you’re going to experience some kind of injury and your doctor or physical therapist will provide Physical Therapy Tape by Marathon so that your muscles can heal more quickly. If you still have to be convinced about the importance of a warm-up when it comes to starting a new exercise routine then maybe the following can help to educate you a little.

  • It helps to increase body temperature – Much like when you start your car on a cold winter’s morning, you need to let it sit for a little while so that it can properly warm up. The same applies when you are intending to do some kind of exercise and if your muscles and your body temperature isn’t hot enough then your muscles are going to be too tight and they won’t be able to relax. It also gives your heart a chance to prepare itself for what lies ahead and this means that you won’t cause damage that could lead to heart disease while doing your workout.
  • A reduced risk of injury – If you’re just starting off in your new exercise routine, then you definitely do not want to be experiencing an injury this early as it will set you back weeks. It was hard enough motivating yourself to get out there and be more active, so it makes perfect sense that you would do anything that you can to avoid any injuries at all.
  • It helps you to prepare – It takes quite a lot of motivation to push yourself to go running for 2 to 3 km especially if you are on vacation and so by warming up, you are preparing yourself mentally for what lies ahead. This makes taking part in any physical activity a lot easier and you will be much more likely to complete your exercise routine.

Warming up is all about making yourself more flexible which leaves you more open to doing other activities when you grow tired of running for example. Once you get your fitness levels up, then you will be ready to go into the gym and to try out some of the more difficult exercise machines.

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