What to do in Sydney Ideas for a Great Trip

Sydney is a beautiful city, and it’s so easy to get around because of its geography. You can enjoy the ocean views in Bondi Beach or take in some culture at the Sydney Opera House. There are also many great restaurants that you should try when you’re exploring this city with all of its natural beauty! 

For many people, the first thing they think of when it comes to Sydney is its amazing natural beauty. This city has two iconic landmarks that you should definitely visit while you’re here: Bondi Beach and the Sydney Opera House. There’s nothing better than enjoying a day at one or both of these places! After getting some sun on your skin and maybe even working on your tan, you might want to take a dip in the ocean. 

If that’s the case, then go check out some of Sydney’s best beaches. There are northern beaches like Manly and Shelly Beach as well as southern ones such as Bondi Beach and Coogee Beach where you can enjoy a nice day at the water! If going to see one or both of these landmarks is on your list when in Sydney, then don’t forget to bring a camera because you’re going to want pictures of these places.

You should definitely not miss out on trying some amazing Australian food when in Sydney! There are two dishes that the locals swear by: fish and chips from Mrs. Maquarie’s Point down near The Rocks or meat pies at Newtown Bakers. If you like pancakes, then be sure to check out Two Good Eggs for some of the best ones in the city. When it comes to delicious breakfast food, The Grounds has an amazing menu with fresh ingredients! 

When you’re in Sydney, there are some great restaurants that serve up high-quality food for a good price. For seafood lovers, the Fish Shop is an excellent choice with fresh fish and chips while Mrs. Maquarie’s Point serves some of the best meat pies around! If you want to try out breakfast foods like pancakes or French toast, you need to check out Two Good Eggs. For freshly-made food, The Grounds is one of the best cafes around with a variety of foods!

As far as drinks go in Sydney, there are some great choices including rose wine at Wine Library or coffee from Single Origin Roasters that will energize your day. When it comes to Australian beer, Little Creatures is a must-try because it has such unique flavors. When you’re in Sydney and want to enjoy the nightlife, there are some great bars around like Happiness Forgets for dancing or The Baxter Inn if you just want to hang out with friends! 

If you love beer as much as we do at Groupon, then you’re going to want to try Little Creatures when in Sydney. This brewery has such unique flavors and is a must for beer lovers! When it comes to dancing the night away or just hanging out with friends, Happiness Forgets and The Baxter Inn are both great options because they have good deals on drinks and food as well as entertainment like live music and dancing!

For those that love food and drinks, Sydney has some amazing restaurants and bars to explore. If you’re a wine lover then be sure to check out Wine Library for rose wines while Single Origin Roasters serves up coffee with fresh ingredients. When it comes to beer, Little Creatures is an excellent pick if you want something unique with good flavors. For dancing and hanging out with friends, be sure to check out Happiness forgets or The Baxter Inn because they have good deals on food and drinks as well as entertainment like live music!

You should also check out some of Sydney’s best cafes while you’re here: Two Good Eggs if you want breakfast foods like pancakes and French toast or The Grounds if you want freshly-made food. If the nightlife is more your style then go to one of Sydney’s best bars like Happiness Forgets for dancing or The Baxter Inn for just hanging out with friends!

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