What it Takes to Transition your Pet to a Specific Raw Food

You have probably identified a brand of raw food you know would be great for your pets and are worried about making the shift. This should not be an issue, especially if you have researched well. However, you may still want to gather the confidence to try things out.

If you work with experts from Paws Food Express and identify the ideal raw food for your dog or cat, then all you have to do is know if this would work. Consider choosing a brand that is easy for your dog to get accustomed to based on what you have been feeding them. A good example would be to choose one that is lower in vegetable content and has a higher bioavailability rate.

Fortunately, you can always find this at Paws Food Express by checking the different brands stocked. We will make getting your favorite raw pet food easy since we deliver in Houston and its neighboring areas. We all take it a step further and have the products you buy delivered to you in Pearland, Sugarland, Katy, Richmond, Spring, The Woodlands, Cypress, and Kingwood areas if that is where you are situated. This happens once you give us a call and request that we deliver.

The advantage of choosing a raw pet food that is more bio-available is that it is easy to feed less because the pet will not need a lot of calories to feel satisfied. Making the transition is not easy and should never be prompt. We recommend doing it over three weeks if your pet has been feeding n kibble for the longest time.

Raw pet diets are great because they help minimize toxins in the pet’s body. This is what happens in the detox stage and should not be alarming. You will likely notice that the pet will have an unpleasant discharge from the ear or anal gland. It may also have loose stool and also struggle with eye problems.

It is essential to exercise some patience at this stage, for this is a temporary phase that will pass.

Recommended Transition Phase every week

Week 1

Feed the pet with ¾ of the food it was accustomed to and ¼ of your new raw pet food. You can add some goat milk as a top-up if you prefer.

Week 2

Feed your pet with half the amount of food it was accustomed to and half the new raw pet food from your brand of choice. Follow the recommended serving n the carton and adhere to it.

Week 3

Reduce the amount of food it ate previously to ¼ and serve ¾ of the raw diet meal you introduced weeks before. This will set the ground for your next week’s feeding, where the pet will be ready to provide 100% of the raw pet food. If you include raw gat milk to the diet, be sure to reduce the raw pet food by ¼ serving for proper balancing of nutrients.

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