What Are the Different Type of Lilies

The lily flower is beautiful. The beauty of the lily flower is often immortalized as a baby name. But do you know how many types of lilies are there in this world? Lily is a flower that comes in various types and colors.  Not inferior to roses, lilies have their own charm in captivating the hearts of their lovers. It smells so amazing and durable that many are fascinated.

There are approximately 100 species of lily in the world. Each species has a different color. Some of which are similar. The beauty of each lily flower color has its own philosophy. Instead of being curious, let’s look at the following reviews. All lilies belong to the lilyum genus. They are included in the subtropical region plant group. Its appearance makes this flower classified as a large flower. The height alone can reach 60 – 180 cm. This plant has rhizome tubers and roots in the soil. Most types of lily have large flowers and smell nice even though they don’t sting. It comes in various colors, such as white, yellow, orange, pink, red, and purple. Not only that, but some of the lily species also have unique patterns. If you are thinking of buying a lily bouquet for your loved ones, floweradvisor sg is the place for you.

Here are some types of lily flowers that are popular among the people:

1. Lilium bosniacum

In their home country, Bosnia and Herzegovina, they are often referred to as Zlatni ljiljan (golden lily) or Bosanski ljiljan (Bosnian lily). The Bosnian gold lily is a symbol of the Bosnian kingdom and its people. You can see it from their flags and military uniforms. On the military jacket, there are six lilies on a blue background with a white ribbon. Meanwhile, the lily in the flag symbolizes unity after Bosnia and Herzegovina’s independence from Yugoslavia. You can even find lilies on the decoration of mosques and tombstones there. The petals of these Bosnian lily flowers often clump and split and then clump back together. The flowers are with a diameter of 6-7 cm. The leaves are spread evenly horizontally with an upward curving shape at the tip and have flower stems 30-90 cm high.

2. Lilium bulbiferum

This type is stunning because of the petals that bloom perfectly like the sun at dawn. The crown is 5 – 8 cm long with a reddish tip. Sometimes when it does bloom, there will also be brown spots or patches. One root usually produces 6-7 flowers. It is said that the orange lily flower symbolizes hatred, lies, arrogance, and humiliation. It is very inversely proportional to the philosophy of the color orange itself. Orange is the color of the rising sun that symbolizes optimism, enthusiasm, and self-confidence. No wonder we rarely find people who cultivate this type of lily. Apart from all these philosophies, if you look at the orange lily flower looks very refreshing to the eye. There are still people who take care of it, such as those who live in the highlands. If you like the color but don’t want to give the wrong message to your loved ones, browse through the lily bouquet variations at floweradvisor sg.

3. Lillium canadense

Just as the name implies, this type of lily comes from northern America, namely Canada. What is unique about this lily is that they grow with the flower section down. Most of the crowns are flat, but some are rolled up. The color ranges from yellow to orange, with black spots at the base of the crown. Indian tribes eat the roots and flower buds. Lilium canadense is often used as a fragrance. This once wild plant has charming trumpet-shaped flowers that are orange or reddish yellow. In the middle of summer is the moment when Canadian lilies bloom to perfection—completed with spear-shaped leaves suitable for decorating your yard. Why should it be in the yard? Because when it grows, this ornamental plant can reach 2-5 feet. Many are also planted along the roads, rivers, grasslands, marshes, and wet forests.

4. Lilyum candidum

Do you know the singer Madonna? It turns out that the name Madonna is also in the type of lily flower. It is pure white and is very popular with hummingbirds and butterflies. It has been developed for centuries. Among many lilies there are, this type is the most popular. Like Madonna, popular. Madonna’s splendor lily lies in its trumpet-like shape clustered on one stem to reach 20 flowers. This beauty can be enjoyed when the flowers are in bloom. The flower petals’ size can reach 6-8 cm in diameter with orange-yellow pollen surrounded by pure white petals.

5. Lilyum michauxii

This lily flower has a unique appearance because of its crown that curves outward. Also, the pollen stalk is quite long, and the flowers are bent. Yellowish red with freckles is its hallmark.

6. Lilyum lancifolium

Named the tiger lily because the color and pattern of this lily is indeed very similar to a leopard. They come from China and Japan. The crown is about 5 cm long and can even reach 12 cm when in full bloom. One root can produce up to 40 flower stalks, you know. The tiger lily is a type of lily that has no smell. It is a very strong flower and easy to grow anywhere without the need for special care.

7. Lilyum pumilum

There are quite a few nicknames for this type of lily, ranging from coral lily, lily lipstick, and many more. Seeing the red color at a glance reminds us of the color of lipstick. Plus, the types of flowers are indeed shiny.

8. Lilyum longiflorum

In English, it is also called easter lily. At first glance, the shape or appearance is similar to the Madonna lily. The Easter lily comes from Japan, to be more precise, from the island of Ryuku. When the Easter event arrives, this lily flower is used as a complement to a flower bouquet. But please keep it out of reach of animals because it contains toxins that are not friendly to your beloved pet. This flower, which can grow to a height of approximately 1 meter, will bloom from April to June. White easter lily is an excellent choice for lily bouquet. Find your bouquet match only at floweradvisor sg.

9. Lilyum speciosum

Japan is a place for beautiful flowers. Not only Japanese cherry blossoms also have types of lilies that are no less beautiful than cherry blossoms. The little freckles in it make this raspberry-colored lily look attractive. The trunk can grow to a height of 1.2 meters with a width of 0.3 meters. August-September is the Japanese lily season because it is in full bloom. In its treatment, you need to ensure that this flower gets enough sunlight and nutrients.

10. Lilium martagon

This species can be found in various colors, including pink, peach, and dark red. The unique thing about lily Martagon is the shape of the petals that bloom inward. With another name, Martagon hybrid lily, this flower comes with a pattern of spots around the petals. The native habitat of the martagon lily is the regions of Portugal, Asia, and Mongolia. With the beauty of this flower’s bright colors, it is suitable to add a colorful element to your home garden. Also known as the Turkish Turban Lily, this flower can still thrive even in cold winters. One stalk can produce up to 50 flowers, normally 12-24 flowers.

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