Top 4 States to Go Whale Watching

If whale watching is one of your must-do vacation activities, then you are in luck. Humpback whales are found up and down the east and west coast of America. They migrate south when it is mating season, and then travel north to cooler waters to feed. The coastal states which offer popular whale watching trips are also home to quaint towns full of restaurants, and shops. These are great spots for vacations, so leave some time to explore.


California has many whale watching spots along its extensive coast. Monterey Bay in central California is a hot spot for whale watching. Just beyond the bay, in the Pacific ocean, is Monterey Submarine Canyon. This deep underwater canyon is close to the shoreline and attracts many whales looking to feed. A little further south is Newport Beach. This area is well known for its whale watching tours. The area is also popular with boaters and surfers. This makes it a great place for vacation rentals Newport Beach CA, and camping trips.


If you are looking for a cooler vacation spot with breathtaking views, then Alaska is a prime spot to visit and see whales. Juneau Alaska is known as one of the best places to spot whales in the country and are often seen from May to September. Tours from Juneau go through the Inside Passage. This is a narrow stretch of water rich in nutrients and food. The small passageway makes it easy to get a close encounter with the gentle giants.


Many different species of whales are spotted off the coast of Massachusetts from spring to fall. Tours from Gloucester, Massachusetts visit the Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary, which is a safe haven that whales visit frequently. Barnstable, which is part of Cape Cod, is also a popular spot. There you can see humpback whales, minke whales, and finback whales. Cape Cod is a tourist attraction with historic places to visit and world-renowned seafood.


You can’t talk about places to whale watch without including Hawaii. Whales travel to the warm waters of Hawaii to mate and give birth, so this is a great place to see baby whales. There are tours from every island of Hawaii, but there are some that include fun extra adventures. In Kailua-Kona, tours are given in smalls inflatable boats or in large catamaran sailboats. Whale watching tours from Waianae also offer the chance to spot sea turtles, eagle rays and dolphins. If you want to get in the water, then some tours out of Waianae also offer snorkeling above the coral reef.

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