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  The Truth About WhatsApp Marketing In Singapore

In a world where countless brands launch new products daily, businesses need to be competitive when introducing their goods to the public. They must keep their promotions captivating to capture and retain customers. Marketing experts need to stay on top of the trends or even create crazes to remain relevant to their industry and beat their rivals. They should actively engage with their audience or diligently visit various online platforms to earn a spot in their client’s minds and hearts. They must also consider subscribing to services that could keep them updated about the most searched topics on the web. But because of the intense nature of the marketing scene today, should business owners like you learn how to create a WhatsApp Business account for promotional purposes?


WhatsApp has been in the marketing strategies of numerous businesses for a while now. It is a multi-platform messaging application that allows users to send messages and make voice or video calls to phone owners. According to the Business Of Apps, WhatsApp got two billion users since its incorporation in 2009. It has been downloaded over five billion times in application stores for Android and iOS users. In a study by Facebook, they found out that users send around 100 billion messages and use the app for about two billion minutes per day. Because of the number of people who use WhatsApp daily, marketers thought that the messaging application would make a powerful tool to reach their customers and promote their business. It has great potential in helping an enterprise succeed because of its reliability and reach.


But before you introduce an impressive and influential messaging application into your list of marketing strategies, you need to remember a few things. Take time to understand how it works and what you need to utilise its capabilities. Research the WhatsApp Business API pricing, too, and ensure that you set enough budget for it. Learn how it can benefit you, your workers, your business, and your customers to see if the application is suitable for you.

To help you see whether WhatsApp can satisfy your marketing needs, here are the perks you can get from using it to promote your business and reach your customers:

Highly Accessible

Using WhatsApp for marketing reasons means allowing your team and your audience to interact with the business for free. Unlike some messaging applications, WhatsApp does not charge its users whenever they download it from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. People can also send and receive an unlimited number of messages, calls, photos, or videos through the app—as long as they stay connected to the internet.

Provides A Secure Platform

The internet became a terrifying space because of individuals attacking businesses and individuals. Thankfully, WhatsApp, whether you are using Broadcast or personal messaging, prevents these intrusions by encrypting messages and prohibiting third-party applications from using your information. Its interface is also not laced with advertisements, which can be gateways to bad-natured activities.

Integrates With Various Spaces

Even if your customers do not use their phones much, you can reach them whenever you wish through the WhatsApp web version and desktop application. Moreover, the majority of its features work in various spaces. Whether your audience keeps their phones close to them or spends most of their time using their desktops or laptops, you and your WhatsApp chatbot can communicate with them!

Facilitates Customer Engagement

When you decide to use the WhatsApp Business API and inquire about its pricing, you are already taking a step toward staying connected with your customers. You allow them to reach you anytime they want to ask about your products or services and share their thoughts about them. In turn, you can also respond to their queries sooner than sending emails, thanks to the messaging application.

Shows Real-Time Feedback And Notifications

Aside from sending messages and making calls in a snap, WhatsApp can also send notifications and alerts in real-time. It can relay event, activity, or shipment reminders to your clients whenever they purchase your products or subscribe to your services. Using the WhatsApp Broadcast feature will also allow you to send messages to multiple customers at once if you need to alert them about an urgent or crucial matter.

Highlights Your Reliability

Customers value accessibility now more than ever. Thankfully, using WhatsApp for marketing can help boost your reliability by increasing your reachability. If your audience knows that your business can entertain their questions and concerns anytime they wish, they will realise your brand’s trustworthiness. Moreover, WhatsApp encourages organisations to have a verified account to let their customers know if they communicate with a legitimate enterprise. This requirement, in turn, will allow your audience to see that you are dependable.

Introduces Automation

In this modern era, automation is a must for businesses. You can introduce automatic and instant processes to your organisation by using the WhatsApp chatbot to interact with your customers whenever they message you. You can set up “quick replies” to answer some of the most common questions you get to let your clients experience more efficient customer service.

Allows Personalised Promotions

All marketers know that the more personal an ad is, the more likely a target customer will buy your product or avail of your service. Through WhatsApp Broadcast and its other features, you can create audience groups based on their identity and preferences. This way, you can use photos, videos, GIFs, voice recordings, and PDFs to create promotions tailored to every customer you have.

Sets Your Brand Apart

Every business needs to stand out from its competition to become successful in its industry—and WhatsApp can take a massive role in your promotional strategies. By including WhatsApp in your list of marketing tools, you can become one of the most sought-after brands in your field because of your innovative techniques to sell goods and reach customers.

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