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Managed IT Services: Why Your Business Needs Them

There are many services that small businesses outsource to specialist providers and managed IT services are perhaps the most popular in 2022. 

What exactly does managed IT services incorporate? 

The list of services is indeed long and includes the following.

  • Cloud Networking – If you have yet to migrate your business data to the cloud, where have you been all this time? Talk to the best IT support in Tampa for a rundown of what cloud networking can do for your business and when you are ready to move forward, the company can quote for the project. Setting up a secure cloud network is not such a big job, there is no bulky hardware to install and with a little training, your office staff can easily go about their business. The benefits of cloud computing are many, you can access your data at any time, from any location and using any digital device and you can update in real time.
  • Professional Cyber-Security – You can’t take any chances these days with regard to cyber-security, as hackers use a varied range of techniques to steal data. Every online user is at risk of cyber-attack and for a business, you really need cyber-security from an IT support company, which protects your data 24/7. It is often the case when network security is breached and the victim is completely unaware and it is only later when the data theft comes to light. If your network is under the umbrella of a managed IT services provider, you never need to be concerned about hacking attempts.
  • Internet Phone – Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, offers you real-time video calls that don’t use telecom networks, you know, the ones that charge by the minute. The managed IT service company in Tampa has you covered and you can enjoy a free video call to anywhere in the world. All you need to use VoIP is a stable Internet connection, a digital device and you can call any cell or land number. The benefits for the business owner are many, you can set up video meetings with associates and collaborate using powerful virtual tools, such as communal whiteboard and file sharing.

Digitalize your office

The managed IT service provider can send a technician to scan all your documents and the digital copies are stored on a secure cloud network. Become a paperless business and boost efficiency; employees no longer have to hunt down a paper copy, simply bring the digital copy up on the workstation screen, or any device they happen to use. We are heading for a paperless society and the sooner you adapt, the better; your local IT support company in Tampa has you covered, with a wide range of services to empower businesses.

The Internet of Things will change the way we send and receive data and if you want your business to enjoy sustained growth, hook up with a managed IT services provider.

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