The Benefits of Live Streaming Events

Live streaming events is one of the most potent marketing methods that your brand has at its disposal. Still, a surprisingly large portion of the business world is failing to utilize it properly. One of the reasons behind this is the fact that they are, somehow, still not fully aware of all the advantages that come from this medium.

Other than just being technically advanced, live streaming events are engaging and efficient. In the era of COVID-19, they are also far safer than their traditional counterparts. Since these events don’t involve a commute, they’re also more frugal and eco-friendlier.

These are just some of the most obvious advantages of this method. Here are some additional benefits that might not have crossed your mind.

1.      You control when they consume content

One of the biggest factors of content marketing is the time when content is consumed. You see, a content marketing campaign usually has its immediate objectives. You might have a new line of products coming up or a big announcement that you hope to capitalize on immediately. If you upload your video online it may be discovered in 10 years by some people. While this doesn’t make it useless, from the short-term perspective its value is questionable at best. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t archive your event. In fact, this way it can benefit you two-fold.

2.      Highly-targeted niches

While streaming platforms are universally available, the truth is that people either need a link to join or they need to reach you by browsing a related category. This means that any audience that you get is, most likely, going to be more invested. The very fact that they are deciding to dedicate their time and attention already does volumes to prove this. Sending the right message doesn’t rely just on the content and form of the message itself. Having the right audience is just as big of a factor when it comes to how the message you’re sending will be received.

3.      Higher competitiveness

While this is a great method of sending a branded message, there are still a lot of businesses that fail to take full advantage of it. This gives you a chance to approach your target audience from an angle that some of your competitors may have ignored. Keep in mind that this is also a way for you to display the professionalism of your services. According to experts behind Redback Connect, the technical aspect of your stream will serve as an indication of your organizational competence. Lag or high latency may send a negative message, while high responsiveness will do the opposite.

4.      Great for loyalty

Making return visitors is great for the traffic of your website, as well as for your SEO rank. One of the ways to do this is to start live streaming. According to some surveys, people who watch your live stream have a 30% chance to watch your next stream, as well. This means that instead of just gaining some attention, you’re also creating a long-term audience. Remember, however, that you don’t get this benefit by default. In order to make people return you need to offer a high quality of content. So, put an emphasis on your script and the organization of the event.

5.      Alternative to traditional events

In 2020 we were faced with a pandemic of huge proportions. It appeared as if the public life of the planet stopped for a year. So, the majority of live events, even those previously planned, were canceled or put on hold. Even now, as the situation seems to be heading in a better direction, there’s no guarantee that a similar event won’t repeat in the future. Fortunately, live streaming events are a safer way to have high attendance. It is even simpler from the logistical standpoint (you don’t need a huge venue, etc.).

6.      Repurposing content

Lastly, coming up with new content is one of the biggest challenges that any enterprise will face. This is why the concept of repurposing content is so important. First of all, you can make a theme out of your event by picking something that you’ve previously covered. You can turn this into a public discussion. Overall, there are numerous hidden perks to this course of action, as well. For instance, you’re giving your audience something that they’re already familiar with – something that they have already shown their interest in. This alone is enough to guarantee a higher engagement rate.

In conclusion

In the end, live streaming is an amazing opportunity that you can’t afford to miss out on. Even if you want to host a traditional event, well, there’s nothing preventing you from live streaming it, as well. Just keep in mind that this is still a corporate event and a piece of content. So, while it’s good for it to appear spontaneous, you still need to stick to the outlines of your plan in order to pursue your corporate agenda.

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