We can say that the current generation of kids is born on the Internet. Today the Internet is one of the most common commodities that you can find in every other home. However, with this facility of internet, with the ease of getting all the resources in the world just in a click, come a few disadvantages too.  This might be a little surprising for you that almost 60% of teenagers in America have received random text messages or email from strangers and almost half of them have even replied to that too.

There has been a significant rise in the number of cybercrimes across the world and especially among teenagers. The young generation people belonging form the age of 14-18 are the one who is more vulnerable to cybercrimes such as cyberbullying, data breach, cyberstalking, molesting, etc.

With such things going on this becomes very much important that we, the parents and the adults provide supervision to our young generation and aware of them and protect them from all such kinds of cybercrimes.

In order to prevent your child from cybercrime, you need to educate them first. They must know about all such things such as cyberbullying, cyberstalking, etc. A certain preventive measure should also be taken to safeguard the children. Such as parental control should be made compulsory and quite strict. Parents must know about all the platforms and the website that the child uses regularly such as YouTube, Facebook, any educational website.  That is why Lido learning is one such platform that is strictly designed to the maximum standards of safety and security. Lido classes are specifically designed to meet all the demands of the children in any education field they want.

After parental control, parents must have all the passwords of any account their kid uses on the Internet. If there is any website that requires the minimum age of 18+ then you must not allow your child to use such a website until and unless you are with him/her. Along with that, they must always keep on reviewing their child’s browsing history. These are some common methods that can be a helpful part form that parents, guardians,s or the adults must be keen on observing any behavior changes in the kid. You must not ignore any significant action of the kid such as closing the window or the tab as you pass through. These signs indicate that there is something fishy.

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