Know The Most Expensive Houses in Abu Dhabi

If you belong to the rich category, you will take things differently. You are likely to stay apart from the crowd, in a superior position in all aspects of life. And when it comes to buying a house, especially in a glamorous foreign land like the UAE, you will surely not fall behind in zeroing your selection to the expensive homes that are beyond the reach of the common man.


Like Dubai, the capital city, Abu Dhabi, also has a fair share of ultra-luxurious villas and apartments that come at a high price.

The good thing about searching for such houses in Abu Dhabi is that it has now become a smooth affair. With the availability of top-class online platforms, like Toplatest, where you will get an abundant list of all kinds of properties for sale in Abu Dhabi.

Now, coming to the moot point–Which are the most expensive houses in Abu Dhabi? To get an appropriate answer, please go through the following description:

Mansion on Saadiyat Island

You can regard it as the epitome of luxury. The splendid mansion is a luxurious island-based residence, built on the Hidd Al Saadiyat island, and is spread across a massive 48,416 sq. ft. It comes at a whopping price of AED 80M.

The luxurious mansion is located at the northernmost tip of the island. And you will have easy access to popular leisure spots like Saadiyat Public Beach.

In Abu Dhabi, the island is counted among the most prestigious locations, with a fantastic neighborhood. You will find all kinds of top-class people in the neighborhood, from expatiates to investors.

With a beautiful backdrop of beautiful sandy beaches and the Arabian Gulf waters, you can regard it as the best definition of luxury property in the country. In addition to its attractive location near the seashore, there are six bedrooms, multiple maids’ rooms, a private swimming pool, a spacious living area, powder room, basement, and even an elevator in the mansion.

Beachfront Villa at Nurai Island

The 4-bed villa in Nurai Island is the next expensive villa in Dubai, the capital city of Abu Dhabi. Priced at a staggering AED 52M, the house covers a spectacular 14,278 sq. ft of area in a beautiful location on the island. The property stands on the island that lies east of the Abu Dhabi coastline.

The location represents a paradise with beautiful architecture, white sandy beaches, and spectacular Arabian Gulf views.

Apart from captivating surroundings, the interior of the waterfront villa is awe-inspiring. The living areas are spacious, and the interior beauty gets magnified during the day when the sunlight reflecting the sea’s azure waters enters through the high windows.

The notable feature of the elevated dining area is the stunning views of the ocean and private pool. The high ceilings and flooring with marble and wood multiply the luxury of the villa manifold in addition to these exclusive features.

The house is fully furnished. It also comes with a kid playing area, maid’s room, maintenance staff, barbecue area, Jacuzzi, and sauna facilities.

From the house to the fine restaurants, you can easily access an ocean-side spa, resorts, and beach club–all that makes the island one of the best tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi.

What is more, you can access the beautiful island from Saadiyat Island within 15-minutes through a boat ride. And from the Abu Dhabi International Airport, you will get a dedicated taxi service round-the-clock to get to the island.

Waterfront Island Home

When it comes to the third most expensive villa in Abu Dhabi, the waterfront island home at Nurai Island is the one that bears a price tag of AED 7.9M.

It is a six-bedroom house on a spectacular island that is no different than a luxury resort. It is undoubtedly one of the most expensive homes in Abu Dhabi.

The villa is fully furnished with the best furniture. You can consider it ideal for high-class people.

With a majestic 11,384 sq. ft. area, the villa has six double master bedrooms and a large living area that opens onto a magnificent infinity pool. You can also get out of the house onto a lovely private beach.

When you are inside the house, you can see the magnificent ocean from every room. Besides, there is also a large outdoor barbecue area within the property.

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