IB Programme | Is It Right for Your Child’s Education?

Have you ever heard of the “IB Programme in Singapore? For sure you did since 80 international schools in the country offer this. Probably, that is why you are here today. You would want to know what it means and why you should let your child learn it. Lucky you, since you came to the right article. Here, you would find out why theIB Programme is a suitable education for your child. 

What is the IB Programme?

First of all, the acronym IB stands for International Baccalaureate. It is an international curriculum that offers a holistic approach to education. It aims to hasten the development of young minds. Because of that, 5400 schools offer an IB programme in158 countries, and Singapore is part of that. 

So, with those numbers alone, would you stay hesitant to let you learn under the IB Programme? If you still do, reading the following might convince you. 

What does it have?

Well, if you enrol your child at the top IB school in Singapore, they would learn a lot from the early years to pre-university. As a result, their knowledge and skills are top-notch. Those would allow them to be ready in whatever course they take in college. Listed below are the levels of the IB Programme you could go through.

  • Primary Years Programme

Learning from this level would allow young minds to become more active and caring for what they do. As a result, the ability to think critically is not the only thing they could do, but also to sympathise with others. 

  • Middle Years Programme

At this point, they will become more curious to learn more things about the world and how to apply them in the real world. During these years, they would be able to do that through volunteering.

  • Diploma Programme

Even though this one only lasts for two years, in that period, your child would be able to think on a much bigger scale. Their final examination is being criticised and accessed by examiners around the world.

  • IB Career-Related Programme

This one is new in some IB schools in Singapore. Therefore, you might only find a few institutions that offer this IB programme. Nevertheless, this one helps students determine what kind of career suits their interests the most. As a result, they would be able to identify what job they should have. 

How do the IBProgramme classes work?

All IB schools aim to let students have a broader perspective. Therefore, they help their students understand the differences in each culture. That way, they will know better how to respect others and not be biased with their beliefs. 

At what age should your child learn under the IB Programme?

To enrol your child at the IB school in Singapore, they must be between the ages of three to nineteen years old. That is the age range that the IB programme accepts students to learn. 

Pros of IB Programme

  • Recognised all over the world

It sure does. As mentioned above, 5400 schools offer IB programmes, and it is an equivalent of almost two million IB learners. 

  • Prepares students for college

Because of its in-depth lessons on each subject, your child would have a hand against their peers in college. They would know better how to create their papers and thesis. 

  • Offers well-rounded education

TheIB Programme in Singapore offers six subjects that help students become a jack of all trades. 

Cons of IB Programme

  • It is a long commitment.

It is since it could take years. Therefore, if you want to enrol your child in this curriculum, better prepare them well. 

  • The workload is quite heavy.

Yes, but that would help them grow and overcome their weaknesses. So, make sure to be there for your child whenever they feel exhausted with their studies.

How IB Programme parents support their child?

  • Set a study space at home.

You have to so your child would have a place to study the lesson without any distraction. As a result, they would be able to learn faster than kids their age. So, make sure the study space is a place where they focus well.

  • Read monthly IB Programme handout.

All IB schools in Singapore provide monthly handouts. This pamphlet contains a study guide that can help your child progress with their studies. As parents, it is your responsibility to explain their matter to them. 

  • Maintain communication with your child’s teachers.

Of course! That way, you would know if your child is doing well in the IB Programmeclasses. That same goes if the teachers are teaching your child accordingly. So, save their contacts and keep your line open at all times. 

  • Listen to their complaints.

Certainly! You see, listening to their rants would make them feel better and less pressured. As a result, they might do well in their studies since they know you are there listening to them. 

Now, what do you think? Should you let your child learn under the IB Programme in Singapore?

If you think the IB programme is the appropriate education for your child, let them learn it. However, make sure you enrol them at thetop IB school in Singapore. That way, they would have a better understanding of learning new things. Besides, a prestigious institution like NPS International School would be able to provide more opportunities for your child’s future. 

In any case, you are still searching for IB schools in Singapore, go to NPS International School.  Their excellence of education would never fail you. To prove this claim, consider visiting their website today!

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