How to Prepare for School Starting: Granola Mom Edition


Granola girls, in case you’re not familiar with the term, refers to the individuals who choose a more natural lifestyle and tend to look for natural solutions to wellness and diet before turning to more mainstream products and practices. The typical telltale signs of a granola girl include organic, sustainably-sourced clothes, ingredients, and pastimes; granola girls never use water bottles and avoid plastic unless there’s simply no other option. And granola girls usually grow up to be granola moms. 

Granola moms care for their children with the same natural staples that served them so well in their years as a granola girl; these moms will pack healthy snacks for their children and homeschool when they can. But, for some granola moms, public school is a necessity or a choice they’ve made to benefit their child, and school is starting soon for all the granola kids. With school starting comes the inevitable wave of illness that follows dozens of children coming together after a summer of exploration and video games, and a good granola mom does what’s best for her and her family: she prepares for the sickness by boosting her childrens’ immune systems.

The best way to boost immune systems is by continuously exposing children to influences that give their bodies the resources they need to fight back against most major illnesses. Although all the granola in the world can’t stop a virus once it’s got its claws in a kid, keeping viruses and bacterial infections at bay is possible with the right diet and essential oils. Feeding your kids lots of vitamin-rich foods and specifically focusing on citrus fruits that can uniquely combat illnesses will help the process of preparing them to re-enter the public school space. And guardian oil essential oils will help your kid’s immune system strengthen to the point of fighting back against whatever the school year has to offer. 

Guardian oil is a blend that’s specifically for wellness; guardian oil generally follows a particular recipe, but check with your guardian oil provider to make sure all the correct guardian oil ingredients are included in the blend you purchase. Guardian oil can be diffused, guardian oil can be applied on your skin, but most importantly, guardian oil works with your body to strengthen immune responses to infection. To get ready for school as a granola mom, get guardian oil today for you and your family.

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