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How To Express Condolences If You Cannot Attend The Funeral Service

The etiquette that you need to follow when you’re attending a funeral ceremony is something that not most people talk about. In fact, it is the small gestures that matter the most. If you know someone grieving the loss of a loved one, you may want to consider doing these things for them.

Sending Sympathy gifts or cards

A sympathy gift or a sympathy card may be one of the best ways to comfort someone grieving. This is also a good option if you cannot make it to the funeral service because you’ll still be able to communicate your condolences and support for the suffering family.

Sympathy gifts are another way to express your condolences to the bereaved. Remember that it does not have to be expensive or extravagant. You can easily find unique items that could be thoughtful expressions of how you care for them. These items can either help them remember the person who passed on or help the grieving person move forward.

Preparing a meal

Losing someone you love is a difficult experience, and people go through grief in different ways. The simple act of preparing a meal can be a great way to show that you are there for them and that you’re willing to help and support them in any way you can.

Offering practical help

Stemming from the previous point, the little things go a long way. As mentioned, people go through grief in different ways. Some may even find it difficult to prepare meals and do minor chores that constitute their day. Often, the family who has lost a loved one may need someone to run errands, such as providing legal assistance or paying bills. You can offer practical help because they will most likely appreciate it.

Being there to listen

Being there to listen is probably one of the most neglected ways if you’re trying to express your condolences. Be sensitive, though, and ensure that you do not force them to open up to you when they’re not ready or comfortable doing so. You can start by sending sympathy gifts to test the waters if there’s anything they need help with.

Checking in regularly

Another great thing you can do for the grieving family is to check in regularly simply. We could not stress this enough: It’s the little things that matter. It would help if you were sensitive about what they want or need but also need to figure out where the line is. Some people who are grieving the loss of a loved one may want to be alone for a couple of weeks.

There is no timeline for grieving. Thus, checking in regularly sends them the message that you are there and ready to help. Nonetheless, it also conveys that you respect their decision to be alone for a while.

With all of this in mind, expressing your condolences to a family who is grieving the loss of a loved one is one of the most sincere and genuine things you can do. If you fail to attend the funeral service, think of sending them sympathy gifts with a simple message saying that you are there should they need help with any of the points mentioned in this article.

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