Hike the sparkling blue gem of the Blue Mountains: The Jubilee Lake Trail

Covering almost 100 acres is the majestic human-made Jubilee Lake. Located in the Umatilla National Forest, the lake was created in 1968 for leisure activities. Water from the Motett Creek was used to form Jubilee Lake when a dam was constructed. Recreational pursuits for all visitors include camping, fishing, and hiking.

The Blue Mountains include sections of Umatilla, Malheur, and the Whitman National Forests. It is thought that the naming of the mountain range is from the deep blues that can be seen in the vastness of the pine and fir trees. Spanning from the center of Oregon to the southeastern section of Washington state, the Blue Mountains and its gem, Jubilee Lake, can be easily accessed from Walla Walla.

The Jubilee Lake Trail

Around Jubilee Lake is a scenic trail. Hiking or walking the loop takes just under an hour for most who enjoy the pathway. It’s a great location for all levels of hiking experience. For those new to the sport, the Jubilee Lake Trail is just under three miles. If that’s too much to start with, novice hikers can traverse part of the trail and turn around.

Since it is a relatively flat trail, it’s perfect for all ages, which makes the Jubilee Lake Trail a terrific family outing. Hiking along the lake makes the scenery always beautiful. It is worth traveling to each season to experience the ever-changing beauty of nature.

In 1981, the Jubilee Lake Trail earned the status as a National Recreation Trail. Such a worthwhile recognition is bestowed upon a trail by either the Secretary of Agriculture or the Secretary of the Interior. This well-maintained and barrier-free access trail met the criteria necessary; it encourages health, recreation, and conservation.

For those looking to jump into Jubilee Lake, there’s a rope swing for you to try that is mid-way along the path.

And More About Jubilee Lake

For those seeking a more challenging and/or long hike, there are options nearby. One is the South Fork Walla Walla River hike. This is considered a moderately difficult hike. If you travel the entire loop of this hike, you will have hiked 6.6 miles.

There are a few other National Recreation Trails in the area that hikers can explore. These are Sinks Trail, Rough Fork Trail, Eagle Ridge Trail, and Burnt Cabin Trail.

Explore more of the area and Jubilee Lake. Not only does it have a fabulous hiking trail, the lake also is a great place to fish. Around the lake and spurs that trail from the lake provide access to fish in Jubilee Lake. Another super feature about the lake is that there are a number of barrier-free places that you can fish from. You can also fish from electric or human-powered boats.

To enjoy even more of the area around Jubilee Lake, consider camping. There are fifty-three campsites available in the summer months through September. Then you will have time to kayak and paddleboard on Jubilee Lake. Since the Blue Mountains and Jubilee Lake are such incredible locations, the c

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