Coding for Kids | What Questions to Ask a Coding Workshop In Singapore?

Right after watching Big Hero 6, did your child tell you that they want to build a robot like Baymax? Well, if they did, that is a good thing. You see, as time passes, technology becomes more advanced. It advances so much that cars could drive on their own without you turning the steering wheel. So, what more in the future? What world awaits our kids? There are so many ideas we could think about, but none of us knows what will happen. Well, instead of guessing what will happen, let our children be part of that future. Since yours already told you that they want to build a robot, enrol them in a coding workshop and let them learn there in Singapore. However, before you do so, make sure to register them in the right place. For you to do that, you must ask the right questions.

What Questions Must You Ask a Coding Workshop?

Asking questions to your potential coding workshop would help you decide if you should enrol your child there. You would know if they are trustworthy enough to teach your child about coding and inspire them to join in a robotic competition for kids one day. So, to give you a hand, ask these questions to guarantee if they are the right one for your child to learn coding in Singapore.

What reputation does the coding workshop have?

Before you ask this question, make sure you already did your homework such as checking the reviews on Google or Facebook. In case you cannot find out, make sure the coding workshop could provide you with those details. That way, you could ask their previous clients what happened after their child learned from this tuition.

Do they offer courses from different age groups?

Similar to mathematics, coding has different levels. Therefore, make sure the coding workshop offers courses that your child could learn at their age. Listed below are the level of difficulty they should have.

  • Elementary
    • Here, children would learn how to acknowledge their mistakes and overcome them. They would also know how to become more creative and think more outside the box. They will start building things and thinking of what game they want to create.
  • Middle School
    • They will start to think algorithmically and computationally. Once your child becomes more accustomed to solving problems and finding solutions, they could join the Hackathon in Singapore. There, they will compete with kids their age.
  • High School
    • At this point, they would be able to master the art of coding. Once they do, they would be able to create their game or even a robot.

What coding language and tools do they use to teach children coding?

When choosing a coding workshop, it is necessary to know about their academic approach. It would help you understand how the coding workshop helps children grasp the concept of coding. So, make sure to get a list of the language they usually use. Here are just a few coding languages that you might encounter.

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • HTML Java
  • CSS
  • Arduino

Do they provide one-on-one coaching?

Since coding is not exactly easy to learn, your child might not be able to understand it at first. Do not worry. That is only a natural thing to happen. However, you have to make sure someone is guiding your child well, and that is what one-on-one coaching does. Here, children could ask anything they are curious about and cannot understand.

Is the lesson for free or is there a cost?

Well, of course, there is. Remember, nothing is free in life, and you get what you pay for. So, make sure to know how much you need to pay per lesson. That way, you can weigh if the amount is right and your child couldlearn coding there in Singapore.

If it is a paid lesson, do they offer a free trial?

Since you still do not know how good they are, you need to see it first. You could do that by attending the free trial. There, your child would be able to learn the basic concept of coding. After the trial, ask your child what they think. Their opinions can help you determine whether you should enrol them there or not. Also, if you can, ask other kids that are attending the free trial.

How much time per day does a child need to spend using the computer?

Using computers for hours can damage our eyes, especially for your child. That is why you need to know how long their class will be. That way, you could monitor their usage after class.

Does the coding workshop let children join a coding competition in Singapore?

Since your child asked you if they want to build a robot, for sure, they would love to join a robotic competition for kids. So, to not let kill their excitement, make sure the coding workshop does participate in one and encourage children to join.

A Final Word of Advice

Since there are so many coding academies where your child could learn in Singapore, you need to know first if the one near you is good enough for them. If you can, make sure to visit the coding workshop during your day off. That way, you would know what kind of environment your child would get exposed to and if it suits them well.

In any case, if you have specific concerns about your child wanting to learn coding in Singapore, you can ask Roboto Coding Academy. They are always here, ready to answer your questions. All you need to do is give them a call at +65 9193 8589 or send them an email at and let them know what you have in mind.

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