Book Mumbai to Chennai flight – What You Should Know

Booking a Mumbai to Chennai flight? Make sure you read this post to know a few essential things. Keep reading.

Mumbai and Chennai are well-connected by flights, train and bus. However, many travellers yet choose a flight journey for many reasons. If you are booking your flight between these two cities anytime soon, here are a few things you should know. But before that, let’s consider why flying has become a popular choice among travellers for commuting between these cities.

What Makes Flight the Popular Choice?

Mumbai and Chennai, both are major metropolitan countries of the country with passengers and travellers commuting between the cities for work, leisure or even catching a connecting international flight. While you can also opt for a road or train transport, taking a flight is the best choice. Here are some reasons that make flights the popular choice.

  • Save Time: A road trip between the two cities could easily take 24+ hours. The train journey could also take 20+ hours easily. However, a flight between both the cities would take just about 2+ hours. Thus flight can save you almost a day in comparison to other forms of transport.
  • Smoother Travel Experience: While both the cities are connected by a good quality highway, driving down or taking a train journey has its own perils. From lack of access to clean toilets to unhygienic food joints, or questionable food at the railway stations, the other forms of travel are not preferred by travellers looking for a smooth experience. On the other hand, a flight journey is much smoother with access to hygienic food, clean toilets, quality service, and more.
  • Cost of Travel: While the train and road journey used to be much cheaper compared to air travel a few decades ago, thanks to low-cost carriers entering the aviation sector, flying has come at par with other forms of transport. Thus, what you get is a better quality journey at the same price.

Availability of Flights

Mumbai and Chennai, both being business and trade hubs, enjoys amazing connectivity by flights. You can easily find 125+ flights operating every day on this route.

Airlines You Can Choose

All the prominent domestic airlines operate on this route to help millions of passengers every year commute between both the cities. You can easily find both full-service and low-cost airlines and choose based on your preferences and budget. Some of the prominent airlines operating on this route are;

  • Indigo (Low-cost carrier)
  • Spicejet (Low-cost carrier)
  • Air India Express (Low-cost carrier)
  • Air Asia (Low-cost carrier)
  • Go Air (Low-cost carrier)
  • Vistara (Full-service carrier)
  • Air India (Full-service carrier)

Fare Prices

With more than 100 flights operating each day, you can find a wide range of ticket prices to choose from. Tickets would be usually expensive during the holiday season such as Holi, Diwali, Eid, Christmas, New Years, etc. Apart from these, some regional festivals, such as Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai or Pongal in Chennai can also cause a sudden surge in prices.

The Terminals

Most airlines on this route operate between Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Terminal 1 in Mumbai and Chennai International Airport terminal 1. Although some domestic flights also operate from terminal 2 in Mumbai.

Duration of Flight

While there are many non-stop flights operating on this route, you can also select via flights to save on the costs. Mumbai to Chennai distance by flight is around 1000+ km. The shortest duration flight is 1 hour 40 minutes and going up to 20-24 hours depending on the type of flight (number fo stops), you choose. If you choose a via flight, the stoppages could be in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kochi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, etc.

Now that you know about a flight journey between Mumbai and Chennai, go ahead and book your flights for your upcoming travel today. And don’t forget to earn some miles while you make the bookings.

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