Amazing information about vein Docs

Dr. Anthony Kaminsky is a licensed general surgeon, who has ten years of surgical experience. He completed surgical training at Beaumont health`s hospital in Trenton, Michigan. He goes to Metro vein from a profession, as acute care and private practice general surgeon. Moreover, the doctor has passion in educating patients about the venous diseases. Kaminsky is always happy when he hears of how good patients feel. In his health profession, he has been a nurse`s aide and now Anthony is a vein doc. He obtained his medical degree from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine. He is located in West Bloomfield, MI.

General information about Metro Vein Firm

The company has several vein centers that are located in different places. Besides, this company has embraced the modern technology, which is aiding them in making the treatment process become much easier. One of the best things that the company has done is permitting patients to use their insurance cover. The treatment is only performed by a professional vein doc. Patients enjoy the services that are rendered by the company, since they are able to receive multiple treatment.

Vein centers and their location

(A) Texas


(B)New Jersey

Florham Pack

(C) New York

White Plains

Forest Hills


West Bloomfield

Dearborn Canton

Chester Hills

Services offered by Metro Vein Firm

The firm is specific on the number of treatment it offers. However, patients who are ailing from vein diseases are sure of receiving treatments such as sclerotherapy, Endovenous laser ablation therapy, and transdermal laser therapy.

Procedure for sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is one of the medical procedures that are meant to exclude spider veins and also varicose veins. The vein doc is expected to inject a solution right into the vein. The solution brings about irritation on the lining of the blood vessels, making it to stick together, collapse and blood to coagulate. With time the vessel turns into a scar that fades away that’s it’s no longer visible.

Endovenous Laser ablation therapy procedure

The procedure involves the use of catheters, ultra sound and lasers to treat varicose veins. The process is performed on untwisted and straight veins. However, the process consumes a lot of energy to burn and also to close varicose veins.

Transdermal therapy procedure

Transdermal is a medicated therapy that involves the placement of adhesive patch on the skin and the blood stream. This procedure is meant to promote healing to the part of the body that is injured.

Advantages of transdermal therapy

(a) Control of the medication to the patient is achieved, through provision of a patch.

(b) The time that it takes to heal is short

(c) The therapy operates in harmony with the structure of the skin

(d) No blood is oozed during the treatment

Disadvantages of transdermal therapy

(a) Only the treatment drugs that have small molecules have penetration to the skin

(b) Not all skins respond positively to this type of treatment

(c) Folks with black skin are left with tough scars when they undergo this treatment.

Advantages of sclerotherapy

(a) It does not require hospitalization, since it is a simple procedure that does not require an individual to spend huge amount of money.

(b) Completion of the procedure only takes 15 to 20 minutes

(c) One can resume to their daily duties immediately

(d) This mode of treatment is known to be a cosmetic procedure. However, the varicose veins do not cause any healthy related problems.

Disadvantages of sclerotherapy

(a) During the treatment a person can experience burning and stinging in the injected vein.

(b) Chances of getting bruises are high

(c) Chances of undergoing side effects are high because of the damaged veins.

(d) Several treatments are required

(e) Sclerotherapy is effective in minimizing unsightly varicose.

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