A Top tier destination all year long: Malaga


We are already in the middle of September, which means that many people have already unpacked their bags and returned to their routines, however many others are just beginning their holiday season.

This should not surprise us, since this season brings with it several advantages for not being considered as high a season as summer is in the middle of August; you can notice a clear decrease in the number of people on the beaches, in hotels, restaurants, bars and public places.

Those who have had the opportunity to see the transition that the city is going through this season might think that life in the city escapes with all the passengers who are on their way to the airport at the end of August, however the truth is that thanks to its privileged geographical location Malaga has a good climate and good weather for its visitors for a long time.

Warm temperatures are still waiting for Malaga’s visitors in September

For those looking for pleasant temperatures even when summer is packing their bags, Malaga is a more than perfect option. Even in September, with the notable decrease in tourism, it is easy to think that the waters would not be suitable for bathing, however the temperatures throughout September can even exceed 35 degrees on some days, and in general remain quite pleasant either to drink a swim in the sea or get into a pool.

If your visit is in the first half of the month, you can bring the same clothes that you would wear during the summer in the city. On the other hand, if the visit is in the second half or closer to October, remember to also bring some long pants or jackets in case the weather gets colder. In any case, as long as the visit is in September, remember to also bring your swimsuit, as it can be quite useful.

Is it easy to move around Malaga?

Malaga stands out above other cities in the region for being a mixture of the cosmopolitan with the traditional. Especially in this season between September and October, the large number of musical, cultural or entertainment events that can be found in the city stands out.

Although the city is considered quite touristy, the best thing to do to visit the city without any setback is to hire the malaga airport transfer upon arrival. Otherwise, the city’s airport also has a train station that connects it with the rest in a fairly direct way, however this option is more recommended for visitors with more expertise.


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