A Beginner’s Guide to Delhi’s Bustling Janpath Market

A trip to Delhi is incomplete without street shopping. The high-end malls can hardly match up to the raw essence of retail therapy in the open air. The capital city is replete with plenty of eclectic bazaars. Chandni Chowk is a famous one built during the Mughal era. Other most frequented markets are Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, Kamala Nagar and Dilli Haat. But the most popular one at the heart of the city is Janpath. It is near Connaught Place and is highly adored by locals and tourists. High chances; you will polish your bargaining skills while getting an insight into the local craftsmanship of Delhi.  

How to Reach?

Metro is the best way to visit Janpath Market from any part of the city. After landing via Mumbai to Delhi flights, do inquire about the Violet Line beforehand. On the day of the visit, get off at the Janpath Station and take an exit from gate number 2. The market would be on your left at a walking distance of 300-400 meters. 

What to Buy?

Main Janpath is divided into three segments; The Gujarati Market, Tibetan Market and Flea Market. Have a look at few unique and authentic products to score from here. They will put a smile on your face even if you end up with an empty wallet. 

Gujarati Market

This is a separate area where you will mostly find women sellers. They offer vibrant wall hangings, handicraft products, table cloths, bags, zari-bordered sarees, umbrellas, Gota-work cholis, juttis, pillowcases and accessories. Most of them are made from Gujarati-style stitching and mirror works. The lane is quite colourful and offers a rich sensory experience. 

Tibetan Market

This is the place to be if you love metal statues, beads and glasswork, beautiful Thangka’s paintings, precious and semi-precious stones and wooden artifacts. Other frequently bought items are trinkets, keyrings, dreamcatchers, singing bowls and Buddhist sculptures. You can also get your hands on silver knockoff jewellery at throwaway prices. It is the ideal place to pick rare souvenirs before boarding your New Delhi to Chandigarh flights

Flea Market

Here girls will find the trendiest clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and belts at unbelievable offers. Make sure to leave plenty of space in your luggage to carry them back hassle-free on the Bengaluru to Delhi flight. This section is mainly for the youngsters. You can pick clothes as cheap as ₹200. The entire area is packed with countless stalls on both sides. Boys can also pick jeans, shoes and loungewear made from high-quality materials. 

What to Eat?

Make sure to grab a bite of sandwiches and sip cold coffee at Depaul’s. It is one of the oldest shops in Delhi catering to customer satisfaction for ages. Momos, Bunta and boiled masala corn are other tasty street foods to try at Janpath Market. You can also head over to CP and pick a café or restaurant for a wholesome meal. 

Shop your heart’s content before boarding your New Delhi to Chandigarh flights back. It is one of the most satisfying experiences without spending too much.

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