5 Anti Mainstream Stops While Vacationing Medan City, Indonesia

  •  Graha Santa Maria Annai Velangkani

This place is among the most famous attractions in Medan. A Catholic Church, which has an exceptional shape that is very similar to the Hindu temple. The church was built at Medan City for Catholics but gradually opened to the public also. Annai Velangkanni (Mother Velangkanni) was built to worship the Blessed Virgin Mary, who was seen in the Velangkanni coastal region of ​​Tamil Nadu, 17th century India. In addition to praying pictures. Another corner of this spiritual place is that Mary Chapel utilized to pray to the Virgin Mary.

  • Masjid Raya Al Mashun

Mesjid Raya Al Mashun, or Mesjid Raya as it’s often referred to, is Medan mosque and is famous for being one of its most pretty. The mosque was constructed using imported building materials such as Italian marble. You can have a tour and check out all of the exquisite details here.

Some things include the green tiles and the glass touches, and the mosque is topped with elegant domes that are dim. Non-Muslims are welcome to tour the mosque out prayer hours but be sure that you dress appropriately.

  • Maimun Palace

Among those icons of Medan City and a relic of Deli’s Kingdom is your Palace Maimun. The construction is bright yellowish (Malay average color) standing directly in the center of town.

When seeing the Maimun Palace, we’ll get a collection of historical objects, photos of the sultan, and the Heritage of Deli, the sultan’s throne. Entrance Maimun Palace value Rp 8.000, each individual with all the programs of available attractions from 08.00-17.00.

  • Sibolangit Nature Reserve

The bustle of Medan City sometimes makes me tired. If it happens to you, try to have a vacation to the Sibolangit Nature Reserve, which has a beautiful and fresh atmosphere. The place is about 40 kilometers from the city. To reach the tourist location, people can use transportation services such as the finest Charter Bus Rental DC that are great for long travel distances. You can also use automobiles.

The ride takes about 1 hour. This tourist spot is recommended for nature lovers. The air is refreshing and mind-numbing remover from all of the actions that have been undertaken. Sibolangit nature reserve is also one case of tourist attractions to go green because of the warmth of the ground due to global warming.

  • Maha Vihara Adhi Maitreya

Maha Vihara Adhi Maitreya is a spiritual tourism object. Another name for this tourist attraction is Cemara Asri Temple. Yes, folks called it that because the monastery positioning is found in the complicated Cemara Asri Housing.

Come to this place of Buddhist worship. You don’t have to pay, meaning it is free. But remember to keep the tranquility of the monastery. The atmosphere of the monastery is calm, peaceful, beautiful, and neat. This monastery is the largest in Indonesia. It stands on 4.5 hectares of property. Inside the temple, there are Dewi Kwan Im Buddha Statue, Judge Bao, and three holy statues. Find Medan Tour using Medan Driver. The action that can be done here besides worshiping for the Buddhist is taking photographs. It is because of its amazing and interesting location as an object.

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