12 Meaningful Retirement Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Officemate

For many of us, the office is like a second home. After all, it is where we spend most of our waking hours during the week. It only makes sense for us to build strong friendships and connections with the people we work with and see on a daily basis. When the time comes that one of our officemates is retiring, it is only fitting to show them how much we treasure them with personalized retirement gifts.

Here are some memorable and special gifts ideas to show your officemate how much you appreciate them:

1 – Longest Coffee Break Mug
Add a little humor to their retirement with a funny mug. Because ultimately, retirement is that long-deserved permanent coffee break they should enjoy. You can get these spill-proof Fellow coffee mugs engraved too. 

2 – Personalized Fishing Lure

Does your officemate enjoy fishing trips? There’s nothing more personal or heartwarming than giving them their own fishing lure that they can take on extended fishing trips once they’re retired and never have to worry about making it to the office after a short weekend.

3 – Retiree’s To-Do List Wine Glass

What else is there to do for a retiree than just sit back, relax, and enjoy a glass of wine? This personalized wine glass makes a fun and quirky gift for a wine-loving officemate that’s retiring.

4 – Personalized Retirement Clock

These types of retirement gifts are best when given by the entire office. Retirement clocks are a classic and classy gift and can come inscribed with a meaningful and memorable message.

5 – Retired! Cigar Holder

If the officemate is a cigar aficionado, a cigar holder is an incredibly personal gift they will surely appreciate as they relax while savoring their retirement years.

6 – Personalized Poker Set

Now that they’re retired, your buddy can hold endless poker nights at home and impress guests with this incredible personalized poker set.

7 – The Legend Has Retired Mug

Why does their legend have to end when they leave the office? An incredible and hardworking officemate should retain their title as the legend during retirement and this little mug ensures that no one forgets their rightfully earned title.

8 – Retirement Whiskey Decanter

A retirement gift that’s elegant and useful is a whiskey decanter. It is a beautiful piece that any whiskey lover will truly cherish.

9 – Retirement Adventures Wind Chimes

Just because they’re retiring doesn’t mean the adventure ends. In fact, this is where a new adventure should start. The wind chimes will remind you that your officemate should explore the world during their retirement years.

10 – Personalized Barbeque Set

Officemates who love hosting parties and barbeques will find the most use out of this personalized barbeque set. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to continue seeing office friends, even after retiring.

11 – Life’s Better When You’re Retired Cutting Board

When retired, your officemate will have a lot of extra time on their hands. A personalized cutting board is a great retirement gift option if they love cooking.

12 – Hunting Knife With Rosewood Handle

An outdoorsman officemate will appreciate a hunting knife as a retirement present. It is very unique, useful, and personal. It shows that you are friends and know exactly what they want to do during retirement.

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