11 Steps To Take To Prepare Your Motor Yacht For Sale


As much as we don’t want to face the truth, there comes a time when it is time to sell your motor yacht. There are several reasons why yacht owners decide to sell, some, because they are looking for an upgrade and some, are finally giving up their life on the water. Whatever the reason behind the sale, preparing the motor yachts for sale takes a lot of effort.

Here are some steps to keep in mind to ensure a successful motor yacht sale:

Step 1: See The Boat From The Buyer’s Perspective

Of course, you love your yacht but look at the boat as a buyer and not the seller. This will allow you to see flaws that need fixing before a potential buyer can spot them and lower the asking price.

Step 2: Fix Small Repairs

As mentioned before, the first step is to look for flaws and it should be followed by fixing them. Small repairs might seem important, but it will affect the overall value of the motor yachts for sale.

Step 3: Invest in Minor Upgrades

Although it’s hard to say that your boat is less than perfect, you have to admit that seeing new upgrades on a yacht will entice buyers to close the deal sooner rather than later.

Step 4: Finish the Annual Maintenance

Don’t skip on the yacht’s annual maintenance, even if you are selling it. The new owner will be very thankful you did not skip this step. Plus it gives you a better idea of the boat’s overall condition.

Step 5: Schedule A Deep Clean

Yes, you need to clean the yacht. If you want to make a good impression on potential buyers, the yacht should look beautiful and impressive on the outside to encourage buyers to have a look inside.

Step 6: Don’t Forget To Clean Below Deck

Since buyers would also want to check the inside of the boat, don’t forget to deep clean below the deck. No buyer wants a yacht that only looks good on the outside.

Step 7: Remove All Personal Belongings

Allow buyers to imagine the yacht as their own by removing all of your personal belongings. If they can see the yacht as theirs, convincing them to purchase it will be easy.

Step 8: Do Some Interior Staging

Encourage buyers’ imagination in seeing the yacht’s full potential by staging the interiors. Make it look homey, appealing, and inviting. This way, they can truly envision the yacht as if it were theirs already.

Step 9: Post Yacht Photos Online

The best and fastest way to get people interested in the yacht is to post photos of it online. Always put the best pictures online to grab more attention to sell your motor yacht as soon as possible.

Step 10: Get The Paperwork Ready

Have all of the necessary permits and paperwork ready and updated for the buyers to inspect while they look around the yacht. When they see that all that is needed is their payment and signature, they will be convinced that it is the yacht they’ve always wanted.

Step 11: Say Goodbye In A Special Way

Lastly, don’t forget to drink a toast to your yacht before handing the keys to the next owner. For sure, you have made wonderful memories on the boat and will be happy for the new owners to enjoy the boat and all its glory just as you have.

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