Why Are Cold Press Juicers In The Current Frenzy?

Your conventional, high-speed, centrifugal juicers are now clearly passé. The considerable noise and commotion- well, you don’t deserve it most definitely. You also have to deal with the machine destroying every bit of essential nutrient that was your prime motivation for making the juice and drinking it in the first place! Without further ado, take some time out and bring home the best cold press juicer from Hurom.

Cold press juicers- an overview: 

Cold press juicers have gained much popularity in recent years due to their innovative make and immersive range of qualities. According to a statistic published by Industry ARC, the global cold-pressed juice market commands a healthy USD 6 billion to 6.3 billion market size. The demand is to rise exponentially from 9.5% to 10% between 2019 and 2025. Hence, bringing home the best cold press juicer from Hurom seems a pretty solid deal!

Cold press juicers- operation:

Cold press juicer also goes by the name of masticating juicers. These machines employ a dual-stage mastication procedure to crush pieces of fruits and vegetables introduced in them. The innovative design and make has endowed the juicers with a minimal RPM that does not destroy the fruits and vegetables’ cellular structure.

These masticating juicers, therefore, extract the juices by squeezing the fruits and vegetables very slowly. This process locks the quality and prevents oxidation and separation of juices.

100% pure juice that is loaded with all the essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that your body needs to stay rejuvenated and healthy.

If you are still unsure or in doubt about buying the best cold press juicer from Hurom, you should know that a slow juicer can solve all your juicing-woes! A quiet, masticating juicer is suitable for juicing leafy vegetables, greens, spinach, and even pomegranates; apart from the traditional fruits and vegetables, you are usually used to juicing. Cold press juicers enable you to extract more than 85% of the juice from fruits and vegetables, and this juice contains 50% more vitamins and essential nutrients than the ones extracted through other methods.

Advantages of cold press juicers: 

The advantages are manifold. But let’s jot down a few below.

Zero oxidation:

The low rpm prevents the juicer from destroying the cellular structure of the fruits, vegetables, and their innate nutrients.

Preserves freshness for an extended period: 

Cold press juicers create juices that have a longer shelf life compared to others.

Preserves nutrients:

The mastication procedure is devoid of any heat generation. As a result, the natural nutrients are preserved during the juicing process.

Ensures maximum squeezing:

The gentle mastication process ensures the maximum squeezing and extraction of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes present in the original fruits and vegetables.

Juicers that make a difference: 

Adopting a healthy lifestyle depends on the level of choices you make. Getting any kind of juicer available in the market might not make the desired difference to your lifestyle that you are seeking for a long time. When you buy the best cold press juicer from a credible, and top-class company, you get several features for comfortable pricing.

Minimize your efforts and maximize your health with the best cold press juicers in the market!

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