When Do You Send Your Gift For A Destination Wedding?

Whether it’s your wedding or someone else’s, preparing for a wedding can be quite challenging. If you’re a wedding guest, some questions may be running through your head.

One of those big questions would involve the timing of your gift-giving. Obviously, the best time to give wedding gifts for bride and groom is on the big day. If you’re not able to attend the wedding, you can ask a friend who’s attending the wedding to bring yours along. However, what if it’s a destination wedding?

Everyone is aware that planning a wedding or planning for a wedding comes with a lot of costs. If it’s a destination wedding, you may wonder if it’s still required to bring a gift.

Should you bring a gift to a destination wedding?

Some couples who plan a destination wedding may request that their guests no longer bring gifts. Instead, they ask them to contribute to their wedding registry. The problem with wedding registries is that if you don’t plan ahead, you may be left with some of the most expensive items on the list. Nonetheless, don’t be afraid to gift them something outside the registry.

It’s best always to bring a gift to a wedding, even a simple one. Oftentimes, wedding guests have the misconception that wedding gifts for bride and groom are expensive. They’re not if you know where to look for them.

When do you send your gift for a destination wedding?

If it’s a destination wedding, send your wedding gifts for bride and groom before the actual wedding. You can send it to either of the couple or to both of them if they live together. Furthermore, if you’re closer to one than the other, then you can send the gift to that person. In addition, you can also send your gift at least one month after they return from their honeymoon.

How much should you spend on the gift?

If it’s a destination wedding, it’s acceptable to spend less but make sure to put in the effort of finding a good gift as well. Consider giving a low-cost gift, but something personal or customized to make it more special.

Here are a few unique gift ideas that will not break the bank!

Welcome to Our Home Lantern

This black metal lantern with gorgeous acrylic panels is the perfect gift for a couple who is just moving into their new home.

Heart Picture Block

Photo frames are perfect gifts for newlywed couples but if you want to make it much more special and unique, try this heart block that can easily be customized with any photo.

Monogram Slate Cutting Board

This slate panel is a great gift because you can make sure that the couple will use it every day. In addition, it’s inexpensive and can be personalized with their family’s last name or any names accordingly.

People can often tell if you had put the effort into finding a gift for them as compared to buying a generic gift at the first store you find. Note that “putting in the effort” does not mean spending more.

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