What Makes You The Right Choices for The Right Smart Watch

We have tested the Huawei GT watch for a few days and it has left a good taste in our mouths, although nothing is perfect in this life and the unit is far from it. It seems to us that for the segment of the population that is destined, it is quite good and to some extent, recommended.

A Versatile Design

It has a conventional round shape, with two buttons on the right side. The unit we tested has a 1.39-inch screen that features AMOLED technology and is touch-enabled. Its strap has two materials, rubber on the inside and leather on the outside, which gives it a touch of elegance that allows you to wear the watch all day, as part of a casual outfit. On previous occasions with my Apple Watch , we find myself changing the straps during the day: rubber for exercise or leather for more professional scenarios. Instead, with this dual strap, Huawei managed to fix this problem. Choosing huawei smart watch 2021 is most essential there.

Speaking of the Apple Watch, we all know that it has a clear disadvantage over its competitors: battery life. In general, it has to be charged every night and, for its part, the Huawei GT promises two weeks of battery life without the need to recharge it.

How do they do that? So according to the official version, with an algorithm that intelligently puts the watch in energy saving mode, and in ‘performance’ mode when the need requires it.

One of the biggest power consumers in any portable device is the use of GPS and in this case, the unit disconnects it when it is not needed. In our testing period, this turned out to be a problem, as when we wanted to go for a run, the GPS took too long to activate and we had to return home to exchange it for the Apple Watch Series 4. To have a better idea, there the GPS it is instantaneous.

A watch focused on fitness

The GT is designed for the “Urban Explorer”, according to Huawei. We see it as a perfect option to an exercise watch, and the day we were able to run with it was very good and it can even be used when exercising indoors on a treadmill, an exercise bike, swimming in a pool or just cardio. It has a virtual trainer that advises you what to do depending on your needs.

Another aspect that is impressive is the technology to measure the pulse. It’s simply great for casual athletes who know the importance of tracking how the heart behaves while exercising, after exercise, and at times of rest. The resting pulse is very important to measure your physical condition.

Our conclusion

In conclusion, the Huawei GT is an excellent option as a fitness watch, and despite the fact that it has some smart features to extend battery life, other functions are needed that other models of this and other brands have. For now, it seems to us that it is the perfect combination between being elegant and healthy.

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