What Does It Means To Be An Effective Team Leader?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Leadership’? Your mind might be formulating multiple images upon this word. The meaning of leadership varies upon conditions and situations. For any organization, leadership is considered to be an essential function. It creates an inspiring vision for the future, which consistently motivates the team members towards the goal. Leadership builds the team and makes it effective, efficient, integrative, and supportive.

What do you understand about leadership?

You might have observed there will be a senior executive sitting in the corner of the office and delegating tasks to the employees. It does not imply leadership. Saying leadership is assistance will be no mistake. Leadership is the act of instructing, guiding, and leading a group of people with a common objective. The effectiveness of a leader is enhanced when the leader is capable of influencing the team or other stakeholders upon the organization’s vision, values, and ethnicity to reach the goal. Leaders like Stephen Gleave Ancaster and Richard Branson are responsible for causing a major impact on team management and performance. Leadership is a learned behavior that gets into the personality with time.

There are many basic traits of a team leader that include:

  • Business skills– Since in an organization many people usually work on the same task, it is the responsibility of the leader to keep the roles, direction, and expectations understandable, and structured. With good business skills, you will be able to keep motivating your team members. 
  • Clear and transparent communication– Communication is an essential skill for any leader. While working with a team, effective and clear communication is a must. Even with the clients, they have to be direct and transparent to win their trust.
  • Confidence– No doubt, most people mimic or copy their team leader if they find them attractive and confident. Confidence does not only make you look attractive but it also helps you manage your team effectively. Moreover, your employees will feel more secure and confident in the work, which, in turn, increases productivity.
  • Truthfulness– Though, truthfulness is the basic trait every human should have to keep their relations lively. However, for a leader, it is an important skill to set up mutual admiration and respect with clients as well as team members. If you are honest with what you claim and announce, your team members will trust you and respect you.
  • Delegating responsibilities– When the team members trust their leaders, it becomes easy for them to delegate responsibilities. It is the job of the team leader to delegate suitable task to each employee. Delegating proper responsibilities will help them feel acknowledged and confident about their skills.

In the End

No one in this world is perfect, neither is the leader. Leaders like Stephen Gleave Lawyer are an inspiration for the new leaders. For a leader, regularly working on his/her skills is crucial. The above skills make the leader win the trust of team members as well as the clients. 

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