What could be causing your swollen ankles

Our ankle joints are incredibly important to our mobility and ability to stand. They take a lot of pressure from the weight of our bodies and our movements. Some people experience swollen ankles that are often attributed to standing for long periods to time, excessive heat and even sitting with your ankles crossed at the Next Day delivery desks that you work from. Resting with your feet up for a period of time will help the swelling to reduce as this is often as the result of oedema which is where fluid is retained in the ankles, feet and lower legs. There are some other causes of swollen ankles that might need to be looked at by a medical professional.

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  • Injury – injuries that occur directly to the ankle or foot area can result in bruising and swelling occur. This can be treated in the same way as an injury to other parts of the body such as resting with the area and an ice pack wrapped in a towel placed on the area. If the pain persists, you may need to undergo ankle injury treatment.

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  • Varicose Veins – this can occur when blood can not circulate as easily around the body and results in it pooling in certain areas – usually in the legs. This then results in swelling in the feet and ankles. This can occur when sitting for long periods of time such as at a desk or in a chair and is one of the reasons that it is recommended that you walk around regularly during the day and undertake some simple stretches in your lower back and leg areas.
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