Want to carry your pet on a Spicejet flight? Here are the Documents, Rules and Security Information that you should keep in mind

Many people own pets and dream of flying with them to various destinations. After all, taking pets along invokes joy from within and you can carry them to tour as well. Having said that, if you are someone who does not like keeping their pets at home while they going for a vacation, then you will be happy to know that some airlines actually allow pets to be accommodated in the flight. Yes, you read it right! On that list, SpiceJet is surely one of the best airlines where you can travel with your kids stress-free and have a good time with them throughout the journey.

When I had planned for my vacation to Goa last year, I decided to take my pet with me. I had done my flight ticket booking from the Intermiles website on a Spicejet flight at affordable prices. The airline informed me of certain guidelines that are needed to be followed to take pets along. So, if you too want to take your pets on the upcoming vacation, you must consider the guidelines below to make the process easier. That being said, here is detailed information on the documents, rules and security information that you need to know before bringing your pets on a Spicejet flight.

Necessary documents of your pet

Whether you are travelling with a dog or a cat or any other species, there are certain documents necessary to show to the airport officials for a smooth flying experience. Among the list, the first is a health certificate stamped by a certified veterinary doctor. Besides this, you also need to show a certificate or a letter signed in by a veterinary doctor mentioning the animal’s suitable health condition to be carried by air. The certificates must mention all the records of vaccination taken by the animal at a specified date. Apart from this, you will have to fill up the declaration form of the airline, stating that any risks or injury or sickness of the animal will be taken care of by you during the travel. There can be requirements of other documents also related to the pet so consult the airlines beforehand so as not to incur any problems thereafter.

Rules to be followed

SpiceJet airlines allow pets to be carried with their owners in the particular Boeing B737-800 and 900 series aircraft in the cargo hold but sadly not in the passenger cabin. The animals are kept in the pressurised and temperature-controlled area of the aircraft cargo hold for their safety. However, you need to carry the essential documents of the pet accompanied by vaccination certificates, rabies certificates and other papers of agreement. The pets should be carried in an appropriate container or case, properly aerated of the recommended size. You will have to take all the responsibilities if your pet is injured or falls sick in the carriage. Owing to the pandemic, the owner of the pet must adhere to all the medical requirements prescribed by the government.

On reaching your destination, the pets must comply with all the quarantine measures. The owner must take the responsibility to isolate his/her pet to avoid any kind of spread of the virus. You must also consult a vet to evaluate the quarantine period as it is subject to the condition of the animal. You must also keep in mind that SpiceJet has certain restrictions for different breeds of dogs and cats. The kittens that are below 12 weeks old and some aggressive hybrid dogs are not accepted by the airlines. There are also other breeds not allowed in the cargo and you must confirm it before your boarding the flight.

Necessary security information

After you enter the airport gate, many security check-ins are to be followed when you are travelling with your pets. All the animals must be screened by a metal detector before they are sent to the freight. Security officials will scan your pets according to the rules of the airlines. You must carry your pets in a proper container or packaging box for their safety. The container should be ventilated and well confined so that the animals do not escape the container. The container should also be robust and non-chewable to keep your animal safe within the box.

Now that you know of the important documents to carry, the security information and the rules to be followed while travelling with your pet, then do not wait longer. Start making arrangements as per the guidelines above and take your pet with you to your dream destination seamlessly.

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