Top Trendy Wedding Invite Ideas To Incorporate In Your Wedding Invitation


Are you getting married later this year? Now that the wedding fever is fully on, it is time to get down to business and do all of the things that are to be done. This includes inviting the people you want to your wedding. It is your wedding so you would want to invite your friends and family to it. Worry not, because this post will tell you all about the trendy wedding invites that are so cool at the moment. Incorporate one or multiple of these in your own wedding invitation.

A5 or A6

The size that is absolutely doing the rounds this year for wedding invites is the A5 or A6 one. It is particularly good because this size lets you do all you want with your invite. There is enough space for including any information you want but it is not too oversized. Most couples are choosing this size because it means that their cards are not going to get lost in the mail and will be big enough to find.

Beige and Pastel Colours

It is fun to choose the right colours and colour combinations for your wedding invite. Be on-trend and choose beige and light pastel colours for it. Not only are these colours beautiful but they lend an aesthetic appeal that other brighter colours just don’t have. Also, the fact that these colours allow you to have the font in almost any colour you wish is great.

Good quality Paper

It is trendy to invest a little more money in getting good quality paper for your invite. The cheap-looking paper just does not look good and most couples would pay a little more to stay away from it.

Your invite is the first look people will have of your marriage so it better be a quality one. Vellum is a very popular choice at the moment for the luxurious feel it exudes. You can choose that or go with another high-quality paper. It is undoubtedly going to add that special touch to the proceedings.

Gold Font

Your wedding day is your day to shine. You want everything to be perfect. So why not use gold in your invite? It is so easy to do with gold fonts. Gold brings with it a super-luxurious feel without trying too hard. It also has that rich-looking feel and a slightly dreamy appearance. Gold is also bling. So why not use ample amounts of it to make your invite a little more extra-special? It is on-trend and something many couples are using more of.

Lots of Glitters

This is another fun wedding invite idea that is doing the rounds. It is for couples who love all things bling, the truth is that when it comes to cheering, there is nothing like glitter so why not put them on your invite? They create an effect like no other and if you pair it with laser-cut invites, then you have got the trendiest thing going on!

Chic Florals

Another great trendy idea that is doing the round at the moment is to go for chic florals. Now floral invitations are not new and have been around for a long time. But now it is more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes to create a feminine effect that most people can’t get enough of. If all things feminine are lovely to you, then this is an idea to get behind.

Go Vintage

The best way to go vintage this wedding season is to choose velvet. It is a much-loved fabric of ore and even today it finds a lot of takers. A green velvety combination is pretty percent and will give you that vintage feel.

Choose an Invite You Love

After all, it is your wedding day and you get to choose something that totally suits your aesthetic senses. You want your guests to get a glimpse at what your wedding and subsequent marriage are going to look like. So go ahead and create an invite that is totally yours and enjoy your wedding from the word go.

There are so many beautiful choices out there so it is best to use the services of a reputed firm like Pietra Paper Design to make yours.


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