The premier league so far


With football being one of the most popular sports in the world you can see why so many people are following the premier league very closely the past few seasons, with the league offering football fans some of the best players in the world to watch playing during the live games. The season so far has been a very interesting one with fans struggling to call a clear favourite for the title with there only being a few points difference at the top and the bottom as well the fight to not be relegated is also too close to call. Manchester City is currently top of the league with Liverpool and Chelsea only a few points behind them, so the league is starting to heat up now with teams looking to pull away at the top. Many football fans from around the world have been placing football bets on what teams they think will win the league and this is not all that football fans have been doing with them visiting some of the best non UK online casinos in 2021 to play on their favourite games during the half time breaks or before and after the games to keep them occupied whilst being in the stands waiting for their teams to come out. It is a known fact that football fans like to gamble and visit online casinos such as who offer fans a wide range of different games to choose from to play on.

This season looks set to be one of the best ones over the past few years with the premier league allowing fans back to full capacity stadiums once again. COVID forced the premier league to ban fans from attending live games and playing matches behind closed doors due to the pandemic seeing lockdown restrictions being put in place. The league so far has been an interesting one with there not being a clear title winner just, yet which is not usually the case as during the past few seasons the champions of the league have been a good way ahead on points compared to this season where it is a lot closer than previous years. The next transfer window is only around the corner so it will be interesting to see what players the premier league clubs decide to bring in to either help them go for a title push or to avoid relegation.


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