The Issues of Cybersecurity in Contemporary Video Surveillance

The cybersecurity concerns have become the most essential aspects to address for contemporary businesses or companies as well as for the consumers across the world. Similarly, one of the most important components of cybersecurity is the video surveillance beginning from CCTV surveillance systems of the olden period to contemporary advanced digital video surveillance and IP cameras. However, the most alarming challenge and concern in the entire surveillance industry is the issue of vulnerability that allows the hackers to get into the surveillance system and exploit entire business. Though, almost all know about the high risks involved in the surveillance systems, only a few businesses and organizations seem to be prepared to prevent and mitigate the cyber risks.

Most owners of surveillance systems, often blame legacy systems for their surveillance vulnerabilities. But, the truth is that irrespective of old or advanced surveillance devices, every device in the surveillance system can be subject to hacking, basically due to someone or the other opening a door for the hackers at some point of time. Some people emphasize on preserving their data and sensitive information as well as entire systems including the surveillance devices with military-grade encryption.

On the other hand, even if with perfect cybersecurity mechanism the vulnerabilities come not from external sources, but the door is opened by internal sources for external factors to intrude. Therefore, the first essential aspect to ensure cybersecurity is to find the vulnerabilities in your surveillance system and address them effectively with all the good practices to prevent security breaches instead of blaming the standards of cybersecurity in your devices.

Some of the potential probable cyber vulnerabilities in your CCTV or any other advanced digital surveillance systems may be the physical security systems including a camera which may serve as a backdoor for the hackers, poor alignment between the IT and security system, human errors, lack of regular and appropriate maintenance and updating of devices etc.

New and emerging cyber vulnerabilities are common in any surveillance system and determining which vulnerabilities pose critical usually depend on two basic factors. They are whether the vulnerability can be easily exploited by the hackers, and secondly, whether the exploitation caused by a specific vulnerability will have a critical impact on other devices. Other sensitive vulnerabilities in the surveillance systems include weak passwords and usernames, and untrained and inefficient operational personnel. Another point to remember in order to ensure the cybersecurity in your surveillance is that the higher the numbers of surveillance devices the higher the risks of vulnerabilities and security breaches.

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