The best Overwatch trick

In the Overwatch, I could highlight a lot of interesting tricks, but one of them is the most fascinating. It is more awareness tip for all FPS players, but in Overwatch, it would be especially useful for hitscan characters. Just a little reminder – hitscan is such a type of hero whose attacks reach the target momentarily, without any traveling time. The game is registering the shot as soon as you have pulled the trigger.

To quickly reach the very top of the Overwatch SR competitive ladder without the help of any boosting services, like, you need to track enemy hitscan heroes all the time. If you know their positioning, you could catch them and surprise them. Use that little advantage with the maximum efficiency, in the worst-case scenario, you will have a free shot, in the best – easy kill.

Just imagine the situation, where you 100% sure where the enemy’s Widowmaker is positioned and from where she is assassinating your allies one after another. So instead of dueling him, you need to utilize your advantage to deal a surprising shot, grappling up to the same high or using the jump-shot trick. Enemy will not have even a slight idea from where you could shot him, and that is giving you the opportunity to land an easy killing shot. That is like the western, the one who is the fastest will almost certainly win.

This is the basic rule for countering every hitscan hero, especially if you are playing as Tracer or Genji. Both of these flankers are well-known for their insane mobility (thanks to the blinks and dashes with the wall climbing passive) and they could unnoticeably get close almost to every Overwatch hero. If you are playing against them you need to keep tracking them, if they were lost for more than 10 seconds, be sure that they are hunting you down.

To successfully climb the ladder you need to know the weaknesses of your opponents, for example, Tracer is not exceptionally good in reaching various high grounds. Or Genji, bait him to use Deflect and only then land a critical shot straight into the face of this cyber ninja and you will never meet any problems. If you have played all your cards from the sleeve but your nemesis is still alive, you need to reposition yourself as soon as possible. Thank god Widowmaker has an insanely good tool for such purposes – the Grappling Hook.

Custom Games to enhance your skill

If you are new to the Overwatch then this info will be extremely important for you – in Overwatch, every hero has different hitboxes, so you need practice a lot if you are interested in the game. That means that you are forced to play a lot in custom games to learn each heroes’ hitboxes and movement speed (style).

The greatest advantage of Overwatch is in custom games, you could adjust every little detail for your need, like force bots to deal no damage at all plus that they could be killed only with headshots. Such an option could be enabled on every map in the game, so do not hesitate to train your skill and remember – there is no limits to perfection.

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