Student Tips: Food to Avoid While Examination

Check out These Brain-damaging Foods that Can Hamper Your Performance in Exams….!!

There is nothing to fear the exam season. A good amount of preparation along with good nourishment for your brain helps you fare better. So, rather than getting eleventh-hour nightmares, it is better to embrace a systematic study schedule as early as possible and take the right brain-nourishing food. How well or poorly you perform depends on the food you take during your exams to a large extent.

Here we go with certain foods that you should stay away from in the exam season. Avoid these foods as they hamper your performance.

Frozen-pizza, microwave corns, burgers and other trans-fats:

When you eat instant noodles, gobble down French fries, burgers or any other trans-fats for satisfying your hunger pangs, think twice. According to a study of Neurology conducted in 2012, consumption of trans-fat leads to the shrinkage of brain as the result of which it’s processing power declines gradually.

Its healthier alternative:

Replace burgers and pizzas with whole-wheat breads sand-witched with vegetables like spinach, broccoli and tomatoes. A diet rich in green-leafy veggies containing Vitamin K in abundance increases your brain-power and cognitive abilities.

Cokes, cakes, pastries containing excessive refined sugars:

Most of the people are mistaken; they think that sugars stimulate their brain. Contrary to this, it hits their brain in a wrong way. According to nutritionists, a diet rich in refined sugars and high-fat has an adverse impact on cognizance. So, there can be short-term memory loss or hampered problem solving skills. The sadder news is that there are some healthy foods that are loaded with a lot of sugars like canned tomato juice, yogurt etc. Make sure you do not take any food that is excessively rich in refined sugars. There are assignment writing agencies which acknowledge the effect poor nutrition on students and guide them about the same. Assignment Help is one prominent name among such services.

Its healthier alternative:

If you cannot help your sweet tooth, you can take berries specially blueberries. Being immensely rich in anti-oxidants, they repair the damaged nerve cells and enhance your short-term memories. Munch on a fistful of blue-berries.

Any drink with caffeine or soda:

Like every student you must be doing it as well. There is nothing new about students having coffee for staying up in the late-night hours. Avoid taking this. This is so because caffeine is known for creating energy by blocking the sleep-producing chemical adenosine from entering to the nerves. It gives an abrupt boost of energy but it has an adverse impact. Lack of sleep caused by taking caffeine can result in nervousness, anxiety and depression like symptoms. According to a well-known assignment writing agency My Assignment Help, keeping yourself well-hydrated to be active is very important.

It’s healthier alternative:

Instead of taking caffeine and dehydrating your body, keep yourself adequately hydrated with flavored water. You can choose to add a pinch of rock salt and lemon to it or take anti-oxidant rich green tea to boost your brain functionality and have a sense of rejuvenation.


Incredible though it may sound, but it is true that taking fish like tuna can result in memory loss. Most of the people do not believe this since fishes are known to be the best brain food because of their rich omega fatty acids content. But, most of the students cannot afford to buy expensive fresh-water Salmon and hence tuna becomes a natural choice. Researchers are there to prove that a high level of mercury content found in these fishes (ingested by them from polluted water) can damage your brain severely.

Its healthier alternative:

If you are craving to have fish, you should take fresh water fishes like mackerel and salmon or sardines that have a very high amount of brain-boosting fatty acids sans mercury.

Fried foods and other cholesterol rich stuff:

Though most of the students munch on chips during their exam preparation, this is to be avoided. Fried foods are to be avoided because they have a high level of saturated fats and a cholesterol level that hinders flow of blood to the brain reducing its capabilities. Several studies have proved that a long-term consumption of these foods can lead to brain-distortion or dementia. So, stop snacking on chips, fries and fritters in your short-term exam season at least.

Its healthier alternatives:

Keep nuts and seeds by your side. Besides being rich in brain-healthy fatty acids, they have a fairly good amount of folic acid and hence that improves you memory and can help your brain perform better. Nuts fortify your brain and nerves.

You are what you eat!! If you want to perform your best, you need to be cautious about what you eat during exam season. So, nourish your brain and let it perform optimally rather than burdening it with all sort of wrong foods.

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