Strategies to Manage Complex Discovery Materials

Usually, counsel feels a wave of relief when opposing counsel makes complete and timely compliance with a discovery request. However, that sense of relief can quickly transition to dread upon realizing that the material is much more substantial or complex than expected. If you have a mountain of discovery materials to get through, consider some of the following strategies to make the task at hand more manageable.

Ask for Electronic Copies

If your discovery responses came in big boxes rather than electronic format, consider making a request for something that you can access electronically. Searching through data can be a lot easier digitally. However, you must take care to assure data security to avoid potential liability issues.

Be Sure That You Are Interpreting Information Correctly

Some issues of fact that are material to your case may require some advanced expertise. Complex financial or banking matters will likely need input from someone with extensive knowledge in this area. For help with banking litigation support, reach out to someone who can help you thoroughly analyze and interpret financial records.

Amend Your Request

Lawyers have to take care to avoid making discovery requests too broad. However, it can happen inadvertently. You may get too much information simply because you asked for it. Evaluate whether the scope of your request was too broad and whether there is anything that you can do to make your request narrower.

Do Not Rush

If you try to get through a seemingly impossible volume of materials in too little time, you are likely to miss something important. Do not rush your work to meet a deadline. Get some extra help to tackle the project. If you truly cannot get through the materials that you have in the time allotted, consider requesting a postponement of your next scheduled event. However, postponement should be a last resort so as to prevent any delays that are avoidable.

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