Six apps that you need to survive extended holidays

The holiday season is about to begin as we head into the year-end. It’s going to be breezy days ahead with lots of excitement. Any travel entails a lot of planning. Once we plan with a proper schedule, things fall in place quite easily. There are plenty of apps that can assist you to spend quality time during your holidays.

Whether you are planning a holiday or seeking some in-door fun, some apps can help you. The holidays can be stressful. Shopping and tour planning can take quite a bit of time. Thankfully, you have the technology to aid you. Some of these apps are guaranteed to make your holiday pleasant. We’ve rounded up six apps, which will help you sail through the holidays problem-free. Here we go!

  1. Travel Apps

Travel is an inevitable part of a holiday. If you want to explore more about the place, your best bet is to have a travel app. There are various apps available in the market which help you book tickets, reserve stay, and plan your travel.  These apps also have lots of deals going with them, thereby giving you multiple options. Some of the popular travel apps which are extremely popular among the Indian tourists are MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, and TripAdvisor.

  1. Cooking Apps

A holiday is the best time to test our culinary pleasures. Worried about your cooking plans going haywire? No issues! We have cooking apps that come to your rescue. So if you are planning to try out new dishes in this leisure time, you could use a good deal of available cooking apps. Apps like Better Butter, Tarla Dalal, and Tadka helps you add more dimensions to your cooking.

  1. Shopping App

While it’s become a part of our everyday lives, shopping apps can be handy during extended holidays. As you linger with the shopping apps in your extended holidays, you will explore items that have missed your attention all along. Most sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal run special holiday offers to give you great discounts on a lot of products. Perhaps, the holiday break is the best time to fulfill your shopping fantasies

  1. Exercise Apps

Most of us hardly get time for physical activity with the kind of packed schedule we are running. A holiday is perhaps the best time to start a training program. As you begin your workout regime during your holidays, there are plenty of chances that you are going to take it forward. After a few days of working out, the results will be self-evident. You will be brisker, have more energy, and you will undoubtedly feel stronger.

Luckily, both Android and iOS stores are packed with workout apps giving you multiple options. Apps like Endomondo, CrossFit, Tone it Up will help you in your workout plan. It hardly matters whether you’re an experienced athlete or a newbie who’s just begun his fitness journey; there are always apps suitable to you.

  1. Gaming App

One of the significant stress relievers that people find easily is the gaming apps. Our phones and tablets can provide us great entertainment and can be an excellent company to spend quality time during your hard-earned vacation. Games these days do serve more purpose beyond user engagement; they give the user an ideal platform to display their skills and get rewarded for that. Our pick would be the Online Rummy app.

The rummy game was prevalent even during the pre-internet eras, the popularity increased manifold after the digitalization. You can play real cash rummy games right from the comfort of your home and start winning big money. Rummy Mobile apps are also not very hard on your memory. All you need is a basic smartphone with a good internet connection to play rummy online.

  1. Reading apps

It may not be for all of you. If you are a voracious reader, holidays are perhaps the best time to indulge in this hobby of yours. Whether you’re using an Android or iOS, smartphone, or tablet, there are a host of free reading apps available. You will always find something to read in this, something that suits your taste. Ebook reader apps are about as good as the other apps in terms of being user-friendly and resourceful. The good news is that whenever you download an ebook reading app, it’s going to stick in your device for long.

These six apps will make your holidays more fun and adventurous. Did we miss any of your favorite apps, by the way? If so, mention in the comments section.

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