Significant Effects of Giving Your Car an Engine Oil Servicing

It has always been quite a well-known fact, that oil change is considered as one of the most important of all preventive maintenance components. Experts of renowned auto repair centers say, to make your car last longer, it is important to give your car a timely oil change. But if you are curious to know, why is oil changing of a vehicle is given so much priority, you need to know the significant effects of it, after administering to a vehicle, its due oil change.

Troubleshooting Major Engine Issues

It doesn’t need any further explanation that an oil change will have the maximum effect on the engine, since it is entirely related to the engine and its related systems. So, if you were facing some issues with your car engine, the best way to troubleshoot them is changing the motor oil before it is too late, suggested the auto expert who runs the Honda service department Petaluma.

It Will Stop the Sputtering Sound

Of late if your engine was making a sputtering sound, whenever you tried to key start the vehicle, it is a direct indication of misfires in the ignition system. This happens when the lubrication level inside the engine compartment reduces to a great extent, and the engine combustion chamber suffers from the lack of fresh air intake, because of excessive blockage in the exhaust system, due to the accumulation of dust and debris through a long period of time.

When you change the engine oil, all the components of the engine combustion chamber start working their proper way, while the engine oil flown in the right quantity can wah off the blockage, making way for fresh air to enter the chamber. This will automatically prevent the ignition system from misfires, and as a result you will not get to hear any more sputtering sound from the engine once you treat it well with an oil change.

Regaining Original Engine Performance

It is the engine oil flowing through these parts, that is responsible for creating a strong barrier between the close-knit engine parts. When the oil is clean, it can smoothly flow through the narrow lanes of the engine compartments, while washing away the dust and debris that could have accumulated on them. So, it is this certain level of lubrication that is required to keep the engine run at its usual pace. But when the amount of engine oil reduces to an insufficient level, the engine parts dry up and gets involved in frequent frictions against each other. Sometimes, when the oil filter gets eroded and worn-out, the engine oil starts gathering huge amount of external dust and debris that clogs up the flow path of the engine oil. All this result in overheating and finally a serious damage to the car engine.

Prolonging Engine Lifespan

Over a period of time, and after certain amount of usage, it is normal for the car engine to suffer from gradual sludge and increasing wear, demonstrated the expert we know from the Petaluma Honda service department. Though these signs of ageing are inevitable, it can be postponed and pushed away for longer period of time, if the engine is given its due treatment, that includes timely oil change and other maintenance chores.

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