Questions to ask yourself before buying new scooty

Like how life is not a bed of roses, the roads are classified with a similar example. The car drivers would feel discomfort in driving on the bumper roads where a two-wheeler ride can be of great relief in such cases. The other major advantage of owning a two-wheeler will be parking facilities. You can find the parking facility everywhere easily which will make you stay away from the tension caused because of less space for parking. Not only it is easy for getting through the traffic but it suits the best as it is the best mode of transportation for short-distance travel.

Other than the popular reasons, there are many points to consider owning a two-wheeler. If you are planning to get a new scootyhere are a few questions to ask yourself before getting one.

  • Scooter or motorbike?

The following are the main features of scooty:

  • Natural seating position
  • Automatic transmission
  • Easy gearless ride
  • Increased storage space
  • Available at a lower price
  • Greater maneuverability which makes it best for the city driving.

On the other hand, a motorbike gives you more control of the vehicle with the presence of a gearbox. But the option is up to you to choose the vehicle that is convenient for you. So, decide if you want a scooter or motorbike for your use.

  • How much can you afford for the bike?

The scooty price is comparatively less than motorbikes. Generally, the scooty price varies from Rs 50,000/- to Rs 75,000/- in India. There a certain range of scooters that are available below Rs 50,000/- which is usually considered to perform less in tough roads. But customer satisfaction is all that a brand requires and many of the brands below Rs 50,000/- are also to said to have good mileage and performance compared to the other brands.

The scooty price in a specific country is usually not fixed by the manufacturers. Thus the scooter price in India is fixed by the dealers who buy the product directly from the manufacturer. The dealers fix the price of the scooter by considering the following,

  • Transportation charges
  • Showroom charges
  • Spare parts charges
  • Labor charges

So, consider the amount that you can afford and choose the best scooty that suits your budget and also the one that performs well.

  • Model or mileage?

This is one most important question that you have to ask yourself before selecting the scooty for you. The two-wheelers are available in a variety of models but there is no guarantee that all the new models will perform well and provide good mileage. So, choose the best model that provides good mileage because that decides the performance of the vehicle.

Final thoughts:

 If you have got the answers to the above-mentioned questions, you’re all set to buy your new scooty. Before buying straight away, consider the following points:

  • Visit more than one dealer
  • Make sure that you take it for a test ride
  • Feel free to negotiate

Following all the points, you can find the best scooter.

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