Natural bodybuilding in Australia

By natural bodybuilding you need to understand strength training for muscle growth.

If the goal of strength training you have a record in the exercise, then you are not engaged in bodybuilding.

If you use anabolic hormones for muscle growth, then you are not engaged in natural bodybuilding.

The History of Natural Bodybuilding

Anabolic hormones began to be taken after 1935. A photograph of any athlete before 1935 can be an example of natural bodybuilding.

It must be understood that until 1935 there were few photographs and unique people were photographed.

If a person was photographed in a pose with tense muscles, then it was an elite athlete.

To achieve the form of an elite athlete, it was necessary to make strength training a profession. It was impossible to enter the circus arena and lose to the audience in power.

Busy people cannot afford to make a figure of an elite athlete of the beginning of the last century, doing natural bodybuilding as a form of leisure buy here

However, any man can make a uniform 2/3 of the uniform of an elite athlete of the last century in his spare time from work and support it until the end of his life.

This shape in the Size / Quarter method is determined by 17 kg of muscles that grow in the body of a man who started from scratch – with a sedentary lifestyle.

Create a strength training program

Natural Bodybuilding Exercises

Muscle growth is determined not by equipment, but by the effort that is achieved in strength exercise.

This effort should be more than 60% of the maximum.

An effort of 60% is achieved if the exercise is performed for no more than 16 repetitions.

Any strength exercise with iron or your own weight that you can’t do no more than 16 times can stimulate muscle growth.

For men who can’t squeeze out and pull themselves up 16 times in strict technique, it is better to start natural bodybuilding at home without iron.

Natural Bodybuilding Workout Plan

Men without the experience of strength training often cannot endure more than 15 sets of strength exercises in one training session.

Strength exercises with the goal of muscle growth should be done no more often than one approach in two minutes – 30 seconds execution, 90 seconds of rest.

At this pace of training: 2-3 minutes per set, it may take 30-45 minutes to complete 15 sets.

As the muscles grow, the duration of the training can be increased to 25-30 approaches. However, this can be done gradually, on a 10% basis.

To stimulate muscle growth, at least 10 minutes should be allocated for one exercise – 5 approaches.

Four approaches need to be done according to the half-strength method, and the fifth should be well-being.

Example workout plan:

  • 1 Push-ups from the sofa – 5 sets of 6-8 reps
  • 2 Australian pull-ups – 5 sets of 6-8 reps
  • 3 Air jumps – 5 sets of 6-8 reps

Nutrition in Natural Bodybuilding

Nutrition in natural bodybuilding is subject to the principle of “muscle feed, fat and starter.”

This means that, first of all, calorie intake should be balanced in proteins and fats. This balance is determined by the proportion of 25/25.

Moreover, 25% of protein in calories should correspond to two grams of protein per kilogram of combat weight – weight without excess fat.

Usually people are malnourished protein, so the protein in the diet should be gradually increased as the volume of training increases and on the principle of 10%.

Strict adherence to dietary rules is the main difference between bodybuilding and other types of strength training.

Create a strength training program

Overtraining in natural bodybuilding

Muscle growth is stimulated in training, but muscles grow in a dream.

One hour of training requires an additional 2 hours of sleep.

Too many people do not get enough sleep in a sedentary lifestyle, so they especially do not have extra hours of sleep for training.

In order for the muscles to grow from natural bodybuilding, in the first year it is necessary to allocate an additional three hours minimum for training and six hours for sleep per week.

Lack of nine extra hours a week is the main reason why beginner’s muscles do not grow from natural bodybuilding.

Create a strength training program

Simple Conclusions About Natural Bodybuilding

If you decide to engage in natural bodybuilding from a sedentary lifestyle, then you can count on a gain of 17 kg of muscle, if you devote 3 hours to training and 6 additional hours to sleep per week, you will train with an effort of 60% in the amount of 75 sets per week, progressing in well-being approaches and observing a 25/25 calorie nutrition balance, provided that you gradually accustom the food pipe to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of combat weight.

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