Matthew Davies Discusses Why You Need to Drink Water to Lose Weight


We cannot survive without drinking water. The human body contains approximately 60% of water. But despite the fact that we all know the importance of water, there is always a popular question among the fitness-freaks – does water really help to lose weight? A short and simple answer is yes, it does. In this article, Matthew Davies discusses why you need to drink water to lose weight.

The Reasons

The reasons why you need to drink water to lose weight are listed below:

  1. Drinking water provides a Balanced Appetite- If you drink a glass of water before you have your breakfast, lunch or dinner, you will feel a balanced appetite. According to sources, drinking water before a meal reduces approximately 75 calories per meal. Moreover, water helps you to get the feeling of fullness in your stomach which cuts the unnecessary habit of eating snacks.
  2. It Helps in the Removal of Wastage- While keeping our body hydrated, water also filters the toxins and wastage in the kidney and intestines. It also helps to fetch the essential electrolytes and nutrients by the organs. But the best help it provides is to soften the stool and reduce the chance of constipation. Diseases like diarrhea or chronic indigestion can also be reduced by drinking a lot of water. 
  3. Burns Bad Calorie- People who drink adequate quantities of cold water have an increased chance of energy expenditure. If a human body intakes 500 ml of water before having a meal, then it increases the chance of burning the calories consumed via the food. Additionally, it enhances the metabolism of the human body greatly so that the muscles gain adequate nutrition. 
  4. Water Burns Fat- Yes, you read it right. Without water, the body cannot perform well while breaking the carbohydrates or metabolizing the stored fat. This process, called lipolysis, initiates when water molecules create glycerol by interacting with triglycerides. Thus, water burns bad fat through the process of hydrolysis.
  5. Lowers the Overall Liquid Calorie Intake- Many people consume a huge amount of liquid calories by drinking various high-calorie beverages like sweetened tea or coffee, soft drinks, milkshakes, packaged fruit juice, soda, and the like. Drinking water can reduce this high-calorie beverage consumption and reduce the chance of storing fat. Studies show that if you drink 250 ml of water after having your lunch daily, it will help you lose weight too. As a result, the risk of obesity is also controlled.

As water provides energy to the cells, the more you drink water, the more you gain the ability to last longer with full concentration in your exercises- which, of course, would also result in fat loss.


Matthew Davies suggests you understand that drinking an adequate quantity of water keeps your body fluidity intact while softening the core muscles. So, when you are in the gym, do not forget to drink water in between your workout schedules. Otherwise, you could be a victim of fatigue and muscle stiffness or cramps resulting in a major injury.

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