Learning To Play The Guitar

If you want to play a musical instrument but you do not know which one you should begin with, the guitar is a perfect choice. This is because this instrument is relatively easy to learn. When you master the guitar and you are playing like a pro, you can apply this knowledge to other musical instruments. This is because if you can play the guitar it means you can easily master other instruments like drums and the keyboard. Below are some steps you should take if you want to play the guitar.

Choose Your Guitar

Guitars come in different shapes and different sizes. Some of them are relatively easy to handle while others are quite complicated. As a learner, you do not need a complicated instrument. A basic guitar will do for a start. However, when you have become almost as good as the legendary Jimi Hendrix , you can opt for the more advanced and complicated guitars.

Bass or Rhythm Guitar

Most experts will tell you that when it comes to playing the guitar, you have no reason to be a jack-of-all-trades. In simple English, this means you can either learn to play the rhythm guitar or the bass guitar. You have no reason to play both. It follows that you should choose one of these options and become a maestro at it.

Hire a Trainer

You cannot teach yourself the guitar unless your name is Peter Tosh. According to the popular story, Peter Tosh stood around watching a man playing a guitar on the streets of Jamaica. After watching the man’s fingers for hours, Tosh picked up the guitar and did exactly what the guitarist was doing. Now, we cannot all be as smart as a certain Mr. Tosh of blessed memory. For this reason, we need an expert trainer to teach us to play the guitar. Find your trainer online or offline and listen to the expert. This way, you will make progress fast.

Join a Band

Playing the guitar is not all about musical instrument theory. It is a practical thing and this is why you need to practice often. You can hire a trainer to teach you the basics but this might not be enough. If you have a musical band near your house, you can simply join the band. This is a smart move for many reasons. First off, you relate with fellow guitarists in a musical atmosphere. In addition, you learn a lot of things from the other band members. The fact that you are now in a band will spur you to work hard and excel as a guitarist. In case there is no musical band your house, you can simply join your church choir and serve as the resident guitarist.

Final Word

As you can see, the guitar is a wonderful musical instrument and anybody (including you) can master this instrument in a matter of weeks or months. Just find the right trainer and make the effort to learn. This is all you need and you can become a world class guitarist in a matter of months. Learning to play guitar is a piece of cake.

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