How To Sleep Comfortably When It Is Hot  

With summer just around the corner, you need to be prepared for hot nights where you end up tossing and turning. Most people find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep when the temperature starts rising. This leads to a lack of sleep which affects other aspects of life. In fact, sleep deprivation can lead to many serious health ailments like high blood pressure, obesity, and heart problems. In order to break this vicious cycle, you need to find a way to endure hot summer nights so that your sleep schedule does not go for a toss. After all, healthy diet and sleeping habits are essential for a healthy body and mind. Read on some tips to help you get started:

The Co-relation between Body Temperature & Sleep

Although the human body temperature is between 98.6-100.4 degrees during the day, it drops to almost 96 degrees when you are asleep. This is because, like other mammals, human beings do not have the ability to regulate their body temperature while they are sleeping. When your body temperature drops, you will find yourself able to sleep better for a longer duration. It also allows you to get REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. Therefore, in order to get a good night’s sleep, you need to create an environment with an ideal temperature that helps you sleep better.

Picking out Nightwear

The next time you switch to your pyjamas, check whether they are made from breathable fabric. Clothes made from natural materials like cotton allows free passage of air, thereby cooling down your body. This facilitates sleep, allowing you to wake up refreshed in the morning. Your pyjamas need to be loose and lightweight which helps to prevent feeling hot while you sleep. It is a good idea to stay away from pyjamas made from wool, flannel, or fleece during the summer season to prevent overheating your body.

Environment factors

Since your body temperature is affected by your surroundings, it is essential to remove any factors that might be causing your body temperature to rise while you sleep. This includes removing thick blankets or comforters, switching to breathable bed linens, and de-cluttering your room. Besides the obvious factors, some undetected factors that might be contributing to a rise in your body temperature while you sleep include mattresses and pillows made from synthetic material. It is also a good idea to keep electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. away from your memory foam mattress. The blue light they emit can lead to lower melatonin levels, thereby disrupting your sleep.

Lights Out

Light bulbs generate heat and cause the room temperature to rise. Even eco-friendly bulbs emit a tiny bit of heat that can contribute to increasing your room temperature. In rider to create a cool environment to sleep in, make sure that you turn off all the lights in your room before you go to sleep. This will lower the room temperature and also create a dark room, enabling you to fall asleep faster.

Create a Breeze

The ideal temperature of your bedroom can be anywhere between 65 to 72 degrees. If you cannot use an air-conditioner, you can still cool down your room with the help of a fan. The fan can create air circulation, and cool your room easily. If the nights are cooler where you live, you can even consider leaving the window open and placing a ceiling fan near it so that it points towards your bed. This will improve the airflow and lower the room temperature, thereby lowering your body temperature as well.  Some people place several fans around the room to stay cool during those warm summer months.

Cold Showers

A cold shower just before you get into bed can prevent you from feeling warm and sweaty during the night. In fact, cold showers are a great way to cool down your body temperature during hot summers. It also keeps your body clean after sweating and prepares you for a long night of quality sleep.

Repurpose the Hot Water Bottle

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to reduce the temperature in your room, it is time to repurpose your hot water bottle. This includes filling the hot water bottle with water and placing it in the freezer until it freezes. Then you can use this as an ice pack when you go to sleep. It keeps the temperature down and allows you to sleep without worrying about high utility charges.

A Glass of Cold Water

Just before you get into bed, drink a glass of cold water. With rising temperatures during the summer season, people tend to sweat more, which leads to dehydration. Drinking water just before you get into bed prevents this and also helps lower your body temperature. However, remember to stick to just one glass of cold water, unless you want to wake up frequently to use the restroom.

At the end of the day, nothing works better than breathable bedding from top manufacturers like Wakefit. After all, sleep deprivation can lead to weak immunity, which can be detrimental to your health in the long run.

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