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How To Plan A Failed Surprise Birthday Party In Singapore

Imagine you and the gang storming into your friend’s house wearing party hats, with birthday cake and party poppers and helium balloons in Singapore in hand and party horns in between lips, to wake your friend up in a surprise birthday party. Yet, it turns out your friend’s birthday is in the following month.

It is a total birthday disaster! Instead of throwing a surprise birthday party, you just threw off your friend. Don’t strain your relationship by arranging a surprise birthday party complete withballoon decoration in Singaporeon the wrong date.

This article will shed light on the planning mistakes that always lead to a failed surprise birthday party. So buckle up, hold your cakes and customised balloons Singapore, and find out the elements of a failed surprise birthday party that you should avoid.

Planning Mistakes That Lead To A Failed Surprise Birthday Party

Surprise birthday parties never go out of style. No matter how extravagant or simple it is, everyone appreciates being surprised on their birthdays– even those claiming they hated it. It is because effort matters, whether it is a simple balloon bouquet in Singapore or a hot air balloon ride.

Contrary to the consensus of how we appreciate surprise parties, it could also be a crucial letdown if executed wrongly. Here are the planning mistakes that spoil a surprise birthday party.

Conniving with a blabbermouth

Secrecy is an integral part of carrying out a surprise birthday party in Singapore. Conniving with the notorious blabbermouth in your circle of friends and family is the easiest way to spoil a surprise birthday party.

Planning a surprise birthday party is so exciting that sometimes you cannot contain the secret and spill the tea shamelessly. As much as possible, only collaborate with discreet people and great actors and actresses in the circle. Your surprise is more likely to be a success if you trust the right people. Avoid discussing the party plans, like what birthday balloon delivery to choose in Singapore, in front of the celebrant and the blabbermouth.

Would it be too mean if you don’t involve indiscreet people? You can collaborate on the latter part of the planning.

What if you are the blabbermouth of the group? Your job is to complete the assigned task, like arranging the venue or managing the proposal decoration in Singapore, without telling everybody about the plan. It is simply honouring the trust given to you.

Unplanned events are more fun.

Most people believe that unplanned events, such as last-minute getaways, are more fun than the scheduled ones. However, executing a surprise party without a master plan is the first step in spoiling the surprise party, and worse, throwing everyone’s effort in vain.

Why in vain? Imagine arranging a surprise party in an expensive restaurant complete with helium balloons in Singaporefor a person who is out for a vacation?

Or what if the celebrant arrives in the restaurant earlier than expected and finds you fixing the restaurant’s balloon decoration in Singapore?

There are lots of things that take place in the planning stage. Among them are booking the venue, catering, birthday balloon delivery in Singapore, and other vendors, snooping the celebrant’s schedule and daily plans, completing the guest list, and organising the venue on the surprise day itself. You can’t do all of it efficiently without a plan.

Planning too many activities

The best part of a surprise party is how to make it unanticipated. Many people act up scenarios, like luring the celebrant into places before arriving at the final destination or intentionally engaging in a heated argument with the celebrant before blurting out the surprise. Some even go to extremes by conducting fake arrests or involving in a fistfight.

These surprise birthday party “foreplays” are okay as long as the celebrant will not go into a heart attack or; you are not breaking any laws. The bad thing is combining these activities into one surprise. Not only is it hard to carry out, but the organisers may also end up shuffling through the act, props, and so on.

It is safe to carry out one or two activities. If you want to surprise the celebrant in their house with balloon decoration in Singapore, make sure to lure the celebrant out of their home.


Ignoring plan B for outdoor parties

Outdoor surprise birthday parties are trending today. People can choose from alfresco bars to garden parties, down to beach parties. Outdoor parties are one of the best events unless thunderstorms ruin them.

Don’t dampen the mood, literally and figuratively, by rain checking the party because of the thunderstorms.

If having a master plan is crucial, a plan B is more important. Before executing an outdoor party, make sure the weather forecast is clear. Have a backup venue in case it rains. By having a plan B, you can continue the party without being soaking wet. Decorating it with customised balloons in Singapore will help lift the spirits of the guests and celebrants.

Messing up with the invites

There are several ways guests can spoil the surprise birthday party. Apart from unintentionally spilling the secret, inviting too many guests can blow your budget. The host or the organiser had to stretch out the budget for extra food, drinks, party favours, chairs and tables, and even accommodation.

Furthermore, late guest arrivals not only ruin the mood but also break in the party etiquette.

Make sure to finalise the guest list before sending invites. Request the guests to RSVP to count them in the food, chairs, and favours. Also, don’t forget to ask them to be discreet about the party.


Birthday parties are supposed to be fun! Avoid making it an epic fail by hitting five out of five items here in this article. Make every birthday celebration count by planning out a memorable surprise birthday party.

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