How To Measure The Growth Using The SWST Test?

When you have an online business, it is essential to measure its growth. The main motive behind creating your business website is to incur growth and earn more revenue from the business. For this, you have to keep a check on the progression of the policies that you adopt for the company’s growth. You can use the SWST test to do so, as has been practised by most reputed digitalmarketing company in Delhi.

Want to know more about the SWST test? Keep reading till the end.

What is the SWST test?

The SWST test, better known as the So What, So That Test, is a framework to display the business value of your company to your clients and the potential target market. This is done in three distinct steps:

Step 1: By recognizing the problems that your customers are facing

Step 2: By understand how the issues are affecting them, whether negatively or positively

Step 3: By finding the reason why these problems of the customers should be catered.

How is growth measured?

Let us look in details at how the SWST test, when used by several SEO services in Delhi, help to measure the growth of a business or brand.

To understand the process of measuring growth with the help of the SWST test, first, the entire business process is broken into three stages:

Stage 1: ‘My Business’

In the first stage, the accounting management department of a business needs to focus on the three essential functions that it performs. They are as follows:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Producing management reports within the last seven days before the end of a month
  • Provide adequate tax advice

Once you link these services to the SWST test, it will be easier for you to find the answer to the upcoming questions.

Stage 2: ‘So that my customers can’

Once the first stage is complete, you will find meaning to why you did the first stage, instead, why considering the first stage isessential. If the records are kept updated and ready, it can benefit your customers in the following three ways:

  • Keep updated with the accounts
  • Decide quickly and gather adequate information
  • Avoid the risk of committing mistakes while dealing with taxes

Here, it would help if you found out the reason behind your customers buying your product. Also, try to look for the product’s specific benefits that affect your lives or change your customers’ lives.

Stage 3: ‘Resulting in’

Besides maintaining the records, an account manager is also responsible for looking after the customers’ peace of mind, strengthening the business and managing finance in a way where more capital can be invested for the betterment of the business.

Now, if you join all the three sets together, it comes to something like this:

A business firm provides advice that is beneficial for its customers and can minimize the risks, thereby gathering more capital for better investment in the business.

Importance of messaging

It is needless to say that you will understand your business like the back of your hand. Besides you, none will understand your business well as you have built it right from scratch. Hence, you can talk about your business and deal with it with a lot of confidence.

Now, you need to understand that your customers will not have the same thought about your business just like you have. Hence, you need to convey the mission and vision of your company to your customers and potential target market. This is where messages play a vital role in discussing your company’s position and the benefits that it can provide to the customers.


A significant part of your business’s success lies in your language to convey messages to your customers. Hence, undergoing the SWST test will help you refine and produce a better message. Lastly, hire a website designing company in Delhi, they will not only design it aesthetically but also SEO-friendly.

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