How to Make the Most Out of Reflective Coil Zippers

Safety is always a crucial factor to remember in various industries, and zipper industry is also not an exception here. The safety of the wearer is a factor of utmost importance that must always be considered.

Today, there are now a lot of reflective coil zippers in the world that design these specialized types of zippers that can guarantee the visibility of the weaver in different light conditions.

Based from their name, you can easily tell the tapes of such zippers feature a reflective strip that carries glass bead made possible through heat pressing. The color on the side that is attached with this reflective strip is made darker as well for improved color fastness.

The moment these reflective coil zippers are attached to the garments, these will give off a strong visual effect that will let the wearer stand out and keep them protected against danger in different light conditions no matter what the time of day or night it might be.

Read on below to know some of the important guidelines you need to follow when using these reflective coil zippers.


The reflective coil zippers are more suitable for decorative applications like pockets, plackets, and the like. These are highly recommended for both child wear and sportswear.

Either the electrophoresis sliders or spray painted sliders work for the reflective coil zippers. But, electroplated sliders don’t really work for them because of their stiff and rough inner cavity. Aside from that, the mechanical wear and tear between these could result to the reflective film getting peeled off or damaged.


The temperature of the iron must always be kept at less than 100oC to ensure that the reflective strip doesn’t get wrinkled. Avoid any direct contact between the reflective strip and the hot iron.


You should never pack the product until you allowed it to dry naturally. The plastic bags that are used for packaging should also be breathable to prevent the discoloration and oxidation of the metal parts and prevent the teeth elements from coming off and corrosion.


Always avoid damp or corrosive environment as well as prolonged direct exposure to sunlight.

Washing and Cleaning

You also need to prevent direct contact between different cleaning agents such as laundry detergents and DJW and the zipper teeth during the process of manufacturing to ensure that the reflective film of the teeth surface doesn’t fall off.

It is also important not to spray chemical agents that used for getting rid of oil stain, dirt, and rust while manufacturing the bags, garments, and luggage directly on the metal components and reflective strip so as to prevent the peeling off and decomposition of the latter and prevent the discoloration oxidation of the former.

The halogen series dry cleaning agents are going to result to the peeling off of the reflective strip. This is why it is important to conduct a washing test first. Garment makers often include the washing instructions on the product’s Care Label to ensure that the consumers don’t wash the item incorrectly.

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