How To Make A Vignette For YouTube Videos?

If you arrived at this post, you should already be clear about the importance of having a strategy for YouTube, right? Videos are one of the top trends in social media marketing. But despite being the hottest thing, many brands still don’t invest in the format because they believe they don’t have the right resources and tools. If that’s your case, calm down!

In this post, we’ll give you tips to get one of the main elements of this strategy right: YouTube video vignettes. Also, understand why the vignette is so important, its essential elements, and what tools can help you in this quest!

Creation Tools

Let’s introduce you to some tools (many of them for those who don’t know anything, others more advanced) for that. Remembering that it’s no use buying a Ferrari if you don’t know how to drive. Therefore, be realistic about the deliveries you will be able to make, taking into account points such as:

  • Your affinity with editing software;
  • Your availability of time to learn (it’s no use spending a week to make a vignette and not handing in the rest);
  • The level and objective of the project – after all, if these are initial tests, nothing prevents the material created from evolving after its validation.

That said, check out a list of nominations that will give you a helping hand in becoming the ‘master of the vignetting arts’:

Legend – For Beginners

For those who are taking their first steps, the Legend app is an excellent alternative. The application allows you to include effects in the lettering, generating animation, and even GIFS for the chosen words with free initial resources.

It is still possible to get more advanced animation features in the paid version, such as different visual effects. But in both, it is possible to export the vignette in the appropriate size for YouTube, select colors, and include in-text whatever is of interest to the strategy.

Flixpress – For Beginners.

Another option for those who are starting to venture out is Flixpress. It allows you to choose from 14 pre-existing templates, logo inclusion, color selection, and export without the tool’s watermark.

Panzoid – For Intermediates And Adventurers.

If you already know the basics, breathe creativity, and would like to venture into creating an authorial vignette, Panzoid is the recommended app. The best: it’s free!

Videohive – For The More Advanced

For those who have already mastered the basics of creating images and animations, a solution is Videohive. You can buy various types of vignettes on the site and adapt them using the After Effects software – or hire someone who knows how to handle it, right?

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