How to Find Out If Someone Has Been Arrested

Have you ever wanted to find out if someone has been arrested?

They might have been acting suspiciously recently, or have disappeared for a few days. Maybe you know that they were arrested, and simply want to find out more information about the arrest. If any of these fit you, you’re going to need to find one document in particular; an arrest record.

What is an arrest record?

An arrest record is a document created by the United State government whenever someone is arrested for the first time. That arrest record will contain information related to every instance in which they’ve been arrested. This means that, even if someone were arrested twice, both arrests will be included in the same arrest record.

What information does an arrest record contain?

Arrest records will contain a variety of useful information pertaining to the arrest, such as;

  • Name, age, race, gender, and home address
  • Mugshot
  • Location and time of arrest
  • Arresting officer
  • Reason for arrest
  • State of the individual during the arrest
  • Any illicit items confiscated during the arrest

Naturally, all this information is incredibly important. However, it’s important to realize that an arrest is not proof of guilt. Only a court of law can convict someone of a crime, and until then, they are considered innocent in the eyes of the law.

How can I find an arrest record?

The easiest way to find an arrest record will be through an online public records database. An online public records database is a tool that can be used to find public records, which includes arrest records. To utilize an online public records database, all you’ll need is the full name of the person you’re searching, and the state you believe they were arrested in. Afterwards, results should begin popping up immediately.

A potential concern might be that a person with a common name, such as “”Bill Johnson”, would be hard to identify properly. Luckily, shows results attached to the mugshot of an individual, allowing you to search through your results by simply looking at faces.

Another incredible benefit of SpyFly is their convenience. Their database can be searched from anywhere through a smartphone, allowing you to research someone you’ve only recently met. Moreover, they don’t alert anyone of your search, allowing you to look into someone’s background without fear of ridicule or embarrassment.

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